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If you are a real animal lover, you know very well that animals are more than cats and dogs and other nowadays “normalized” and so called “pets”.

However, humans are considered animal lovers, even if they “love” only a cat or a dog, or maybe a bird, not even mentioning the other “animal” statuses, which has nothing to do with the real animal welfare and has a huge differencialized form, what animal welfare and animal protection means, instead of pet protection and pet welfare; the well-being of all animals, all sentient beings(all non-human animals).

Though, it is better to adopt than to buy, even if it’s about an animal-pet.

PetSmart Charities is a well defined non profit organization and their job is to have locations for animals, pets and also to raising funds for them and offering them for adoptions. They even give support for further treatment after adoption.

Particularly in Canada this organization encourage pet lovers to adopt, and they have partnerships with other organizations and rescue shelters, to help the animal-pets to find a loving family and a stable home.

Their so called PetSmart Stores can help to see and have information about the adobtable pets.

In this Fall and Month (September), there will be the National Adoption Weekend, which is a good opportunity to them to give animals for adoption. There is also a big social media campaign, called: #PicMe.

This campaign can help more than 25.000 homeless pets to find a family or a friend.

There is a Call to action on the whole Social Media.

As David Haworth, DVM, Ph.D. president of PetSmart Charities of Canada stated: “We know people are passionate about helping to end pet homelessness. But historically, unless you were ready to adopt a pet into your home, there was no other way for millions of pet-lovers to take part in National Adoption Weekend”.

Hashtag PicMe will help a lot as Mr. Haworth said “by sharing a photo, video or Boomerang of an adorable, adoptable pet on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and using the hashtag #PicMe, everyone has the ability to help by inspiring their community of followers to consider adopting a pet.”

We’ve found a video, which might be interesting: