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Two Decades of SAMR, Inc.

LAKEWOOD, N.J., July 24, 2018 – Twenty years ago, Albert Boufarah started SAMR, Inc. after recognizing the undiscovered potential in electronics recycling. The owner and CEO was able to build a premier electronics recycling company in New Jersey, armed with a passion for preserving the environment and a previously acquired knowledge and expertise of the industry.

Today, SAMR, Inc. is the largest electronics recycling company on the East Coast with a focus on recycling responsibly and efficiently. SAMR has an NJ Class D license and works alongside various townships, businesses, and schools to provide services that include electronics recycling and data destruction.

The company also offers pick up services for client convenience. Computers, televisions, monitors, printers, cell phones and anything else with a battery or a plug are accepted for recycling.

Addressing end-of-life hardware and data breach

Last year, an appellate court ruling involving a data breach that affected 1.1 million people set a precedent for Americans to sue a company over a data breach, even if no identity theft or fraud has taken place. This means companies, no matter the size, can be faced with more litigation than ever before. Cyber security software will no longer be enough to ensure sensitive information is protected. With almost half of all cyber attacks targeting small businesses, a company will have a hard time surviving a major breach.

Albert Boufarah and his employees at SAMR, Inc. have made the security of personal and sensitive information a top priority. The data destruction measures taken ensure that a client’s information will be irretrievable. A data wiping software is used along with hard drive destruction shredders to safeguard against hackers and identity thieves.

Working with SAMR, Inc. will help companies to avoid being sued over data destruction issues or breaches, along with the possibly tremendous amount of losses.

SAMR, Inc. takes prides in providing exceptional client satisfaction; working with clients to create a recycling program that fits specific needs. For more information or to get started recycling old electronics, please visit or call 1.866.509.SAMR (7267).

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