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  • Harbour City receives GOLD in the Most Innovative Use of Measurement in a Digital Campaign and BRONZE in the Best Use of Social Media Measurement, at AMEC Awards 2018.
  • Sets New Sina Hong Kong Livestream Record with over 28.2M Views

HONG KONGJuly 12, 2018  — Harbour City picked up Gold and Bronze awards at the AMEC Awards 2018. Harbour City, Hong Kong’s largest shopping mall, received the Gold Award for Most Innovative Use of Measurement in a Digital Campaign in ISentia for Harbour City Estates: Unleashing the New Retail ExperienceThe Harbour City campaign also received the Bronze Award for Best Use of Social Media Measurement.

Harbour City strives for innovation in their marketing campaigns. While in past years, installations were primarily utilised to draw consumer attention, during this campaign, Harbour City relied upon the amplifying power of digital streaming media only. This innovative campaign’s success can be attributed to the combination of leveraging the popularity of a new live streaming platform, striking a partnership with a top influencer, and capitalizing on Harbour City’s position as Hong Kong’s “Beauty Kingdom”.

Designing the Campaign

Leveraging its strategic position as Hong Kong’s “Beauty Kingdom”, with more than 320 global beauty brands under one roof, Harbour City launched a highly engaging 90-minute livestream onsite in May 2017.

Harbour City invested vast amounts of time and energy in the planning of the campaign to ensure the one-hour-and-a-half livestream would be engaging enough to capture and hold the audience’s attention. Harbour City incorporated a designated “purchase intention” measurement model to identify the top influencer in the beauty category.

After shortlisting and identifying the most relevant, and most popular social media talent in its category, Harbour City launched a campaign on one of China’s most popular social media sites, Sina Weibo, which at the time was experiencing dizzying amounts of attention and engagement on its livestreaming platform.

After an exhaustive search, the Harbour City campaign featured celebrity stylist Perry, the No.1 Beauty influencer on Sina Weibo with 36 million followers, and featured six different cosmetic brands, all available at Harbour City.

The campaign successfully converted consumer intent to action by showcasing Perry’s popular usage tips and expertise. The judging panel was impressed by the conversion of engagement into purchases. Due to the popularity of Perry’s live streaming, his live stream appeared on the list of the top live stream recommendations on Yizhibo that day. This, along with the promotions of Sina Microblog and Harbour City, led to the increase in the video’s popularity. Additionally, post campaign, Perry launched an activity with incentives where he encouraged fans to replay the live stream and answer questions for the opportunity to win a gift. This follow-up action triggered another wave of engagement. The accumulated video views, after the incentive-driven activity, surged from the original 25 million to 28.2 million.

Record-breaking Results

By incorporating the livestream and social influence, Harbour City successfully pushed an Online-to-Offline-to-Online strategy, boosting quantifiable business and marketing results. Perry broke his own livestream audience views record. As importantly, the campaign helped improve customer sentiment towards Harbour City’s brand image, and its “Beauty Kingdom” reputation was also further enhanced. China’s Sina Weibo achieved a record-breaking viewership in Hong Kong, with 28.2M views gained for this individual livestream.

The expert judging panel from AMEC commented: “This entry does a fabulous job of tying the communication objectives to the business results in clear and measurable way, exceeding the business goals.”

With two awards, 2018 marks the most successful year at AMEC for Harbour City — who has been the recipient of an award each year for the past five years. Harbour City was among 93 shortlisted entrants and one of five double-award recipients in 2018 — a rare feat in the history of the AMEC Awards. The awards were announced on 14th June in Barcelona, Spain.

About Perry

Perry is known in the media as the Beauty Magician and he is the hottest celebrity stylist in Asia. He was the exclusive stylist for celebrities Dee Hsu (Little S), Barbie Hsu (Da S), Vivian Hsu and other popular artists. He has also involved in styling Taiwan’s Golden Bell Award, Golden Horse Award and other significant awards many times.

Perry’s WeChat public attention exceeds 40 million; and the highest views of his livestream broke records with 28.2 million. He is a fashion industry entrepreneur, establishing P.StylE (professional style salon), Bright Eyelashes (eyelashes and nail brand), and Hulls (skin management center). He created China’s first online fashion beauty weekly program #Magical Class#, which was launched 7 years ago with thousands of video programs, and has been viewed by more than 2 billion views. He is also a best-selling author. He has written 8 books in the past few years and the latest one published in April 2017 is his first autobiography titled “The Way of Achieving Your Dreams is Incomparable”, which had online sales of more than 50,000 in the first month.

About AMEC

AMEC, the International association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication, reviews and recognizes the excellence of digital campaign application, social media measurement and insights worldwide. Its awards are recognition from industry peers for exceptional achievements and a sign of quality.

About Harbour City

Harbour City is the largest shopping mall in Hong Kong. With over 320 brands featured across 3 beauty stores Lane Crawford, FACESSS, Joyce Beauty and other standalone beauty boutiques. It is renowned as the “Beauty Kingdom” for offering the largest number of beauty brands in Hong Kongand likely across the region. In addition, Harbour City brings together leading international fashion flagship stores, more than 450 shops, 50 food and beverage outlets, and three hotels.

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