With the government legalizing the online will, the number of websites offering this service is constantly increasing. Initially, it used to be just templates or legal advice. Now, you can get a proper will simply by answering the simple questions and making a payment.

People feel that it is an easy and secure way to get a will done without hiring an attorney or seeking a solicitor. But, the whole process can become risky if you do not take proper cyber-security measures. Wills are sensitive information especially if you own large property.

There could be many who would want to alter it for their benefit. So, you need to take proper security measures to keep it as per your wish. Let us read on to know how to make an online will service a safer option.

5 must-take cyber security measures before you avail online will service

  1. Use a VPN: When you access a website through the local network, it is prone to get hacked. Your data privacy can get breached. Hackers use the local networks to steal the data and then exploit you. The best way to keep this issue at bay is to use a VPN. It allows you to anonymously access the website and use it as per your wish.
  2. Use SSL encrypted interface for payment: All will-making websites demand payment for getting the will cross-checked by a solicitor. Usually, this is the 2nd step. But before you make the payment, ensure that it is an SSL-encrypted gateway. Look at the URL of the website. If it shows https://, then only use it. Abort the payment if you sense something fishy on the website.
  3. Double-check the validity of the website and services offered: Will is a legal document. Creating it online may have eased the process but it does not mean that it would be valid everywhere. For instance, just in the UK, the online will is valid only in England and Wales. So, even if you make it in Ireland, it does not hold any validity. Always double-check with your local legal provisions before using the online will service. Also, be sure to look for the license of the website. The solicitor and the legal advisors offered by the website should be licensed and fully qualified to practice in the UK.
  4. Use a strong password: Websites suggest using strong passwords for utmost security. Use a combination of capital and small letters, special characters, and numbers. Do not use your name, birth-date, or local address.
  5. Do not share web account details with others: Never share the details of your will or the details of your account to anyone. You never know others’ intentions. Moreover, if you share, you grant unauthorized access to others which can be risky for others using the website too.


While making a will online is easy, you must ensure proper security measures. It will keep your will secure and also keep you safe from fraudsters.


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