Purchasing cannabis is legal in some states. People can buy weed in dispensaries, local shops, and online. There are even shops like Weed Delivery where you can order products and get them the same day. Legalization has brought many good but also bad things.

There are so many cannabis vendors, so many options, and it is difficult to discover a quality definition. After all, choosing your favorite cannabis strain depends on personal preferences. Either way, chances to encounter bad cannabis are still there. 

Not all flowers are of equal quality, and you will not always come across the same products. However, some factors can determine the quality of cannabis. Once you learn them, you’ll always be able to find the best possible cannabis on the market. Here are the five most important things to check before purchasing cannabis.

1. Visual appearance

Even though you may have thought that the appearance of the flower could not affect the quality, you are mistaken. The principle is the same as buying fruit at the market. We all choose the best-looking bananas because we know they are the tastiest. 

So, a good-looking bud is a bud without seeds and sticks. They can totally ruin the fresh smell of cannabis and give you a real headache while trying to separate them. Seeds can also add extra weight and leave you with less potent buds.

The color of the bud is also a crucial indicator. Quality cannabis flowers should be green with purple, orange, or pink shades. If you see a brown flower, avoid it. Also, look at the trichomes and see if THC crystals look cloudy. Cloudy crystals are the best quality indicator, and buds like these promise potent effects. 


2. Smell

Another essential quality indicator is a good smell. Cannabis has a very unique and specific odor. Once you smell high-grade cannabis, you will never forget that scent. There are different cannabis strains, and all of them have a specific smell. 

At the base, cannabis must have a pungent odor with sweet and earthy notes. Cannabis sativa has citric notes, and Indica is known for specific chocolate and coffee scent. Hybrid strains have the richest aroma and generally various combinations of scents.

All in all, high-grade cannabis must have a strong identifiable skunky smell. You need to avoid cannabis that smells like mold or hay. This is an indicator that the plant did not grow in good conditions. It also means that bud is poor in terpenes that are very important for the potency.


3. Level of moisture

The moisture level in the flower is another crucial factor for quality. This does not mean that the bud should be completely dry, but it does mean that it should dry adequately. Poorly dried cannabis can affect the quality and properties that cannabis should have.

In most cases, such flowers will start to mold and rot, and when that happens, you can throw them in the trash. However, if the weed is not dried correctly, you will pay more for less weight. This is because you can’t consume wet flowers right away. But if you wait for them to dry, you will be left with almost half the weight as the one you paid for.


4. Structure and density

The bud structure should remain dense and tight, and only then the flower is good quality. It should also be trimmed correctly and without excess leaves around the bud. Note that Indica is different from Sativa. Indica flower is denser and tight, while Sativa can be fluffier and lighter.

Well-grown cannabis has a flower that can be easily separated from the stem only with your fingers. If it is too tight, it is not dried correctly, and you will have problems rolling the joint. Avoid flowers that have open structures and look loose. 


5. Look for lab-tested cannabis!

Laboratory testing is vital for product quality. Therefore, every reputable vendor engaged in cannabis sales should test their products. Accredited third-party laboratories are in charge of performing such tests, according to the ISO standards.  

Lab reports will show you if a specific product is safe for consumption. In addition, you will know if the cannabis plant is grown and cultivated according to cultivation standards for industrial hemp. Look only for vendors with recent date lab reports, and you will always be sure of cannabis quality. 

Avoid vendors with lab reports older than three years because synch reports are not relevant. 



Many external factors affect the quality of cannabis. Although this guide can help you a lot, it does not mean that an ideal-looking flower will be of good quality. However, the quality of cannabis also depends on the taste of the individual.

Take the time to learn the basics and properties of cannabis. It will help you choose the perfect strain that will meet your needs.



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