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BARCELONA, Spain, August 2, 2018 

Twenty political parties took part in the Cambodian general election on Sunday where more than eight million people were called to vote. Polling stations had been open from 7am to 3pm local time. Turnout was 80.49%.

Almost 80,000 political party observers took part in this process as well as 539 international observers, including more than 80 representatives of various European institutions.

The observers witnessed the electoral process and will conclude in their reports whether the elections were free and fair.

“As a young democracy, Cambodia has conducted its elections without international interference. No anomalies were found in the voting procedures,” – Andrea Del Mastro, Italian MP

“The elections took place in a peaceful and joyful atmosphere. The controversies surrounding these elections concern international interests and the interference of foreign countries and funding from dubious origin,” – Fabrizio Bertot, ex-MEP, Italy

“I think that the EU has made a mistake avoiding participating on the Cambodian electoral process. As have other democratic countries, Japan for example,” – Luca Romagnoli, ex-MEP, Italy

“As international observers we were able to meet opposition candidates who participated in theelectoral run, with the rules and rights equal for all the parties and ensured by law. Despite attempts of coloured revolutions by western lobbies, as already seen in Ukraine with a coup d’état,” – Maurizio Marrone, member of regional parliament of Italy

“According to my observations today, my impression is that the election process is very professional, smooth and calm. Everything is looking okay in my opinion, ” – Axel Kasseger Austrian MP

“This election is very well organized. It was not possible to vote twice. At the same time lists of registered voters, with their photo, were on the public wall of each location,” – Jaroslav Holik, Czech MP

“The counting process was transparent in response to the wishes of the Cambodian people. The great number of voters, more than 80%, legitimatises the democratic election of the 6th legislature,” – Momchil Nekov, Bulgarian MEP

Hon. Luca Bellotti, former Deputy Minister of the Italian Government expressed his appreciation for the invitation and praised the organization of the elections as did Senator Razzi from Italy who remarked the importance of the international cooperation.

Dr. Musolino, former regional MP and political scientist, expressed his satisfaction with the organization and the open participation in the elections as a symbol of transparency.

SOURCE: Ronald Reagan Institute of Political Studies and Integration

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