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Every mom knows that motherhood doesn’t exist in cookie-cutter form. It’s one moment you’re laughing, the next you’re crying, and before you know it the day is over and it’s time for the next. It’s more true than ever this year.

Your mom should be able to let loose and be herself on Mother’s Day by hosting a virtual celebration for her. Let’s show the world that #MomsUnfiltered are the most beautiful mothers out there.

Start Celebrating Mother’s Day Early

It doesn’t matter if you can’t be together with Mom to celebrate, you can still send her some farm-fresh blooms. You can create a unique mother’s day flyer and send it to her along with a sweet message to make her feel special.

And if you’re planning on sending roses, don’t just pick the first ones you see! Instead, explore all the meanings behind the color of roses for Mother’s Day and then choose the perfect message.

Set a Time That Works for Her

Mother’s Day is all about her. Let her choose when she wants to celebrate!

She might be into the idea of a virtual breakfast…or maybe that sounds like a way to ruin an extra hour of sleep. Then we can meet later in the day when she’s had time to herself.

Find out what time works best for her before the big day arrives.

Choose a Mother’s Day Activity

Once you’ve found a time that works for Mom, it’s time to start planning activities. After a year of video chats and phone calls, she’ll appreciate something a little different. When you’re planning an activity, take a cue from how your mom is feeling and how she’s been acting.

When she feels confined to her house, a virtual exercise class or fun celebration could be just what she needs. If virtual schooling and working from home have left her feeling drained, maybe a relaxing spa day is more her style.

The following activity ideas will be sure to please your mom. 

Spend a Day in the Tropics

Mom could still use a getaway now that spring is here. Let her spend a day at an exotic resort all from the comfort of her own home.

Make Mother’s Day unique by ordering some flowers. Send her one of our tropical arrangements filled with exotic ginger blooms and stunning palm leaves to make her feel at home.

The next step is to prepare some blended drinks with her (providing her with the ingredients ahead of time). Take her to a comfortable seat and invite her to sip her worries away.

If you want her to keep the relaxing feeling after a long day at work, you should send her a good beach read to finish out the evening.

Enjoy an Unrushed Meal

Moms don’t always get the chance to sit down for a nice meal. Let her have this chance!

Have her favorite restaurant deliver takeout to save her the hassle of cooking and cleaning. Then, you add her favorite wine, beer, or other drink.

Ask her about this year’s progress as you dine. Please listen without judgment and let her know that she’s done a wonderful job. Don’t be afraid to express your own feelings.

Get Up and Dance

Let Mom have the party she’s been longing for when she’s tired of sitting at home all day. Make sure she is wearing clothing that she can sweat in and make a playlist with her favorite dance songs.

Putting on the music and getting moving is easy with video chat. It’s okay to boost out your moves and encourage Mom to dance like nobody’s watching.

Host a Virtual Tea Party

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to give back to your mom and show her just how much she means to you.

Even if she doesn’t show it, Mom probably missed her friends during quarantine. But scheduling other women’s time can be a challenge!

Plan a virtual tea party for your mother and all of her friends to relieve some of the stress, order snacks and tea for each woman, and plan the details of the virtual call.

Don’t think you’ll miss out on spending the day with mom. After spending the day with her friends, she’ll be eager to share her experiences with you.

Gardening time

A day in the garden is the perfect way to get Mom excited about spring. Even if it’s just a few pots on the patio or a big veggie patch in the backyard – she’ll appreciate any time spent outside.

Send her new seeds or plants to get things started. There are some low-maintenance houseplants that she can enjoy without worrying about. Moreover, they are delivered right to her door!

Growing vegetables is the perfect time to get started in early May. In addition to radishes and beets, now is a great time to transplant tomatoes and zucchini.

Celebrating Mom

It doesn’t matter what flowers or type of virtual Mother’s Day celebration you choose, the most important thing is that you tell Mom how much she means to you. You can always be rewarded for being a mom, even when it’s not easy. Here’s to #MomsUnfiltered