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If you have never purchased a massage chair before, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you make your purchase. First of all, an affordable massage chair is not necessarily inferior to an expensive one. In fact, many massage chairs are actually cheaper than higher-end ones because they don’t offer as many features. Still, if you’re on a strict budget and want to figure out what exactly you want in a chair, here are a few tips to help you make that decision. It’s not too late to get the ideal massage chair for you! 

Decide how much space you have available. Some chairs come with wheels so they can be rolled right up to your room. Others come with the motorized wheel and you still have to put it in a space that is large enough. Still others are small enough to be moved by hand. The best way to figure out what kind of affordable massage chair comes with the features you want is to figure out how much space you have available. 

 Do you want a full body massage or just the neck or head massage? Many full body massage chairs now come with several modes. Do you want a mode that allows you to work on specific areas, such as your back or feet? Or do you want a mode that offers a relaxing massage on one part of your body and another relaxing mode that helps to loosen stiff muscles in another part? Some of the best massage chairs also offer sport massage modes, which are good for when you have some down time from a workout. 


Check out the motor. One of the most important aspects of a chair is the motor, because it is the heart of the chair. The motor has to be powerful enough to move the chair with ease, but it should also be quiet and smooth. A motor that shakes or thumps can’t be very soothing to a masseuse. You want a motor that is smooth, quiet enough so that you can concentrate on the task at hand: massaging your client. 

 You may also want to check out the different kinds of massages available. Most people get a massage to relax and de-stress. However, some people want more than just a relaxing massage. If that is the case, then you should look for a massage chair that offers a full-body air massage.  

A good massage chair will have at least three different massage techniques. You will want to be able to choose the technique you want, based on the location of the aches or pains you are feeling. It’s important to be comfortable while you perform the massage. The more comfortable you feel, the better the massage will be and after having a massage a good sleep on seashell beds is must needed thing. 

 Some people are not able to relax because they are so tense. That can be very distracting to the masseuse. Massage chairs should be made to be very comfortable. One thing to look for is a chair that has a long cord because this enables the masseuse to reach the client without interrupting the massage. The best massages are those where the person feels relaxed, yet can still do other things while being massaged. 

 Of course, one of the best things a chair offers is heat. Heat helps to improve circulation. You will want your chair to be fairly warm. Some models are very warm, while other models are not very warm, but offer a warming sensation. 


There are also a few different massage modes. One is known as the kneading massage. This is a slow circular motion. Another is known as the petri dish technique, where the human masseuse penetrates the muscles with the smoothness of a fingernail, but the kneading motion is more like a soft rub or a gentle stroke. There are also effleurage techniques, where the human masseuse glides gently across muscle groups, similar to a liquid rub. 


The fact that there are different modes is good, but sometimes it is difficult to tell which is which. There are some pros and cons for each type, so you will have to make your decision on a case by case basis. The best thing to do is to try each of the massages and decide which one works best for you. 


It can be hard to decide whether you should pay the least amount for a chair or the most expensive, but it can be made easier if you look at the prices of massages offered at each level of the price point. A cheaper chair may offer you the same basic techniques as an expensive one, but you will probably find that it does not have the cool features like heating pads and pre-programmed massage modes. At the mid price point, you should be able to find a chair that has all the features you want and at a price that is comparable to other brands. At that point, it may be time to consider adding other massage options to your repertoire, like aromatherapy and reflexology. But if you stick to your traditional back massage, you should be happy with your affordable massage chair. You will likely get your money’s worth.