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Anxiety and stress are part of your everyday life; that’s how your brain is conditioned to react in case of crisis. However, sometimes, due to some situations, the body chemistry is perturbed so that the responses go extreme, disturbing the natural balance of life. One such case in Covid is that the pandemic situation has induced too many physical and psychological stressors.


The fear of catching the virus and lockdown and global crisis are common concerns in the people. If you are suffering from anxiety like a million others out there, this article might come to your rescue. Here are five of the best tips to help you with panic attacks.


1.  Make a Routine

Self-care and nurture is probably the best gift you can give yourself this while. Following a schedule and lifestyle can help you keep your peace of mind amidst the chaos. WFH and limited travel can cause stiffness in your body. Dwell into exercises like meditation and yoga to tire yourself to sleep. Remember to eat nutritious food; you can take supplements like the best product green


supreme, as it can help you balance your energy.


2.  Understand Your triggers and Avoid Them

Distraction from media and the news updates surely can keep one aware of the perils of the disease. Too much of it, however, can affect your mind. More often than not, they can trigger your anxiety or at least make you uncomfortable. To manage your stress, you must understand such triggers and stay away from them.


3.  Try Some Breathing Exercises

Most panic attacks can subside if you learn how to manage them at their onset. Take time to understand your initial symptoms before they manifest into something big. Observe the change in your physiology like shortness of breath, elevated heart rate, perspiration. Address them immediately by taking some corrective steps like drinking water or deep breathing exercises.


4.  Talk To An Expert

During the pandemic, a lot of misinformation has spread over social media. Remember that misinformation or incomplete knowledge can be more dangerous. Therefore, before making a stride to any conclusion, make sure to talk to an expert or carefully read WHO guidelines. Instead of obsessively following precautions, ensure to follow a sustainable protocol.


5.  Keep Your Surroundings Positive

Through these challenging times, a lot of people are undergoing various pressures. It would help if you can share your concerns with others. Other people’s perspectives can help you see situations in a new light or make you feel less burdened. Utilize this to connect with loved ones over a video call whenever you feel lonely or triggered.


The Bottom Line

Now that the vaccine is out, one must refrain from believing in any false rumors. With time, things are only going to get better. Make sure to be kind and compassionate to others in need. As the adage goes, ‘this too shall pass,’ have faith and keep taking precautions.

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