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Physical pleasure ensures a smooth couple’s life. Research affirms that sexual satisfaction during the first year is at its peak. However, it might decline in the following years.

The chief reason behind it is that partner’s sex routines revolve around initiating sex and when to perform it. So if you’re looking for ways to spice up your sex life, you’re on the correct page. Read till the end, and you’ll discover five simple ways to do it.


1.  Flirting can help.

Non-sexual actions are super important when it comes to adding spice to sexual life. Think of surprise gifts like flowers and candles to entice your partner. Recall your teenage days and start flirting with your beloved. Text intimating messages secretly to your partner. You never know when your simple conversation picks the heat when your partner sends you an arousing photograph in between.


2.  Use sex toys and see the game change.

The study says that sex toys add more pleasure to sex and increase the satisfaction level. A few sex toys add novelty to your normal sex routine, and similarly, some capsules help you boost your sex drive. Both genders can use such products to feel stimulations or make reach one another at orgasms. So next time when you think about how expensive are kratom capsules,  just buy them for better sex.


3.  Foreplay is a key to the best sex.

Foreplay is a good way to instigate sex. However, you can try exploring your partner’s body with lips, feathers, and silk clothes. Create a romantic atmosphere with scented candles and erotic music, and just feel the body with every touch. These sensual feelings will add intimacy to your pleasure and spice up the normal sex to make it awesome.


4.  Share sex fantasies with your partner.

Everyone has some sex fantasy. What could be more alluring than to share and act it with your partner? Sharing fantasies with your partners might arouse them to perform with you. When you both do this for each other, your sex life becomes a lot more than just normal.


5.  Think outside your bedroom.

The bedroom is not the only place to entice your partner. Think of having sex outside your bedroom – where you probably do it the most. Hop in the hotel bed or escape to your holiday house. Only a slight change in your sex place can spice it up dramatically. Not repeating yourselves in the same room can contribute to having excellent sex.



These five ways might appear simple at first. But they’re enough to spice up your sex life. You’ll know its exceptional results only by following these tips in your daily sex life. It’s true; there’s no age to having good sex, so just do it.