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Wotofo, more commonly known for its beautiful vaping mods and profile take their own sweet time in developing exquisite vaping mods. Thus it comes as no surprise that the recently launched Wotofo Dyadic Mod is at par with the claimed standards and provides much more than just a curated vaping experience. 

For most people, vaping is a trendy fad that is very much “in” these days. What most people don’t realize is that vaping is a lifestyle of sorts. About 8% of the population in America vapes regularly. That is because it is considered to be up to 95% safer than average cigarettes. 

Contrary to popular perception, vaping is not all about tobacco and nicotine-induced hits or trips. It is more about the flavor than anything else. Research indicates 43% of the youth begins vaping due to appealing flavors. Most mods, therefore, lose out on the preference of the masses because of their inability to preserve the flavor profile. Some other mods are popular precisely for the same reason.  

The Wotofo Dyadic is one such Squonk mod and popular due to its sleek design and durability. This design feature helps to preserve the e-juice flavor profile for a long time. It is just not the flavor preservation that takes this mod to the top. The characteristics below help this mod deliver the best experience. 

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1. Built-in safety features


It comes with many safety features like low resistance and voltage protection, protection against short-circuit and overheating, etc. The dyadic mod also possesses an Automatic Atomizer Recognition feature. To elaborate further on some of the other safety features –

  • It prevents any sort of stuck-on-mod tragedy by featuring an easily-loosen-connector design.
  • If you are in the quest of a tank suitable for Profile mesh RDA’s, opt for it without a doubt as it can contact about 8.5 ml of e-liquid. 
  • Apart from the obvious, there is a 10s Auto Cutoff protection built-in mechanism too.
  • All the safety, as well as fire control buttons, are at a proper place. Using your thumb, you can operate them easily. 


2. Ergonomic Design and Panels

When it comes to design, this mod is the best. Read on to find the reasons –


  • Both the mod and the doors are made of zinc alloy. Velvet rubber coating at the door gives a deep feeling. 
  • It comes with clean, sharp milling work and cutouts with gunmetal paintwork that has a matt-finish look. 
  • The TFT screen of 0.96 inches makes this mod look very attractive. 
  • Rubber coating secures the mod from any damage or scratches from a slip or fall. It gives an aesthetically pleasing matte finish while maintaining a firm grip.


  • This mod’s depth is 61 mm, and length is 82.4 mm, while it is 37.3 mm wide. Thus it fits well in your pocket. 


Owing to its weight below 162 grams, it is quite lightweight, and you can carry it everywhere.

Life Expectancy

  • It will serve you longer as the positive pin is quite strong. 
  • Do you expect a good throw from your mod? Then this is your ideal product as it has 1.5-2 mm of a throw. 

How to Operate

It comes with an ambidextrous operational efficiency. This means that you can easily operate it in your left hand with the same ease and efficiency as it was in your right.


  • The response time of the Wotofo mod is only 0.0001 second. 

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3. Some More Features

  • The presence of the 510 connector helps in the smooth running of the threads. Acrylic black surrounding helps in raising the mod tank. 
  • An added feature of this design is the panels on the side. The dyadic has twin panels that click quite well to the device. All this is courtesy of the strong magnets on either side. This ensures that once the panels get lined up the right way, they mod a nice and smooth appearance. 
  • It comes with three ramp up choices – standard, powerful, and powerful +. 

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4. Battery Features 

  • This mod comes with 18650 dual batteries. If you use moderately, a set of batteries can last you the whole day at the 60W mark. 
  • It is another crucial part that you must know before buying a Wotofo Dyadic mod. 
  • Inner ABS shell contains the battery compartment, which has appropriate labeling regarding the orientation of the batteries. 
  • Do you wish to rotate the batteries? No problem at all as it has A and B markers for the ease of identification. 

Final Thoughts

The dyadic mod is a sleek design and sturdy as well. While using vape mods, one should not invest too much too often. A reasonable length or duration of usage is generally expected from a typical mod. In such a scenario, a mod can sustain nothing better while maintaining its perfection of usage and efficient storage.