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How to wear a necklace?

Necklaces are often exceptionally beautiful chains that are worn on selected occasions. Noble materials, the extravagant shine of precious stones, and unique designs are the adjectives of a necklace. It is worn relatively high on the neck and emphasizes the décolleté and the neck area. With sparkling rhinestones occupied, it gains personality attraction. Fashion jewelry necklaces are usually worn directly on the skin.

 Many evening dresses are designed in such a way that the extraordinary piece of jewelry comes into its own. You are sure to find the right model for you here. For example, choose a necklace with anthracite-colored and black flowers for your little black.


The world of rings

A whole world is well aware of the term ring. We differentiate between rings types in a way that women and men wear it for fashionable reasons from engagement, wedding to the memoire rings – they always have a symbolic meaning. Wedding and unique engagement rings, offered by, have their permanent place on the ring finger of the right or left hand, depending on nationality. While jewelry rings are worn on almost every finger, sometimes even on the thumb. When buying a ring, just like when buying clothes, it is ultimately very important that you choose the right ring size.

Ring in different sizes will help you with this, which you can order online. Rings should also be selected in their proportions to match the hand. As a simple rule, every ring looks good on beautiful longhand. Wide rings leave a lot of gaps with short fingers, which has a shortening effect – a narrow ring is the better choice here. Now the question of the right style arises – playful, minimalist, or classic. Let yourself be inspired by our large selection and find your ring.


A noble necklace with rhinestones, pearls in gold or silver!

Show yourself from your sophisticated side – with a rose-shaped chain with glittering stones, which ideally completes a white dress. For an occasion, you always make the right choice with pearls. A pearl necklace, consisting of several rows, naturally accentuates the face and décolleté. 

Alternatively, it can also be wonderfully combined with a colored cocktail dress. Also, opt for the sparkling Diamond Bash from the Segal Jewellery’s collection with countless rhinestones and zirconia. With the right earrings, your look will be perfect and the effect will not belong in coming.


Brief on traditional necklaces 

They are easily available for women, for men, and of course for children. Necklaces – they ennoble our look! As a piece of jewelry, they have become indispensable and we can actually never have enough.

Choosing the right necklace for the respective outfit makes a fashionable appearance perfect and opens up numerous possibilities for us to individualize our look. Who would deny that a pearl necklace has an elegant appearance, while a single pearl on a leather necklace looks rather casual? When combining, it is best to use the top as a guide. Long chains go with a turtleneck, while you can wear shorter chains with a top with a neckline, depending on the depth. The following applies; the simpler the outfit, the more noticeable the chain can be.

If you want to give a chain as a gift, it is especially important to know the right length for necklaces. The chains are usually available in different lengths or the chain has a second eyelet and is referred to as adjustable in length. Children have a lot of fun with colorful pendants or a motif pendants.

For example, related to their hobby. Men usually choose between leather necklaces and striking curb chains in gold or silver, with or without a pendant. And, there is nothing that Segal Jewellery does not have for women. Let yourself be enchanted by our link chains, pearl necklaces, tight-fitting chokers, etc. and countless pendants in gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, titanium, filigree or striking – with precious stones with pearls.


Earrings for women

With earrings, a woman can skillfully attract attention from the surrounding. They sit at about mouth level and thus – more than any other jewelry – flatter the radiant smile of a woman. Countless seductive designs are waiting to embellish our everyday look, but also our evening wear. In addition to color and style, wearing comfort also plays a role in earrings.

Ear studs usually score with their low weight and are very popular, especially in everyday life. Pearls or sparkling stones, in particular, are among the all-rounders that suit every woman of all ages and can match well. Earrings, especially long and eye-catching ones, in the style of so-called chandelier earrings, have a glamorous effect and are ideal for evening looks. They look irresistible with short hair.

You need space so that they can move freely and not be stuck in long hair. They are also spot on with hoop earrings. They are available in numerous variants, for men too! Of course, the kids also choose from an incomparable range from fairytale playful to casual and cool!


Pendants & Charms

Motif pendants, such as crosses, zodiac signs, anchors, boxing gloves, etc., and also engraved are worn in trend for women, men and children. Pure jewelry pendants are specifically reserved for women. They are often part of a so-called jewelry set, consisting of earrings, necklaces and a ring in the same design.

Charms are small, mostly detailed pendants that can be attached to a bracelet, necklace or leather cord with a snap hook. Combine the charming charms to your heart’s content for an individual style. Often this is the beginning of a real passion for collecting jewelry. By the way, even our youngest will find something here!



From filigree to solid – arm jewelry always gives a pinch of effortless and casualness that suits women and men well. In the meantime, jewelry around the wrist is one of the most popular fashions and new trends are constantly thriving.

Popular classics, such as engraved bracelets and bangles, made of various metals are joined by leather bracelets, bracelets, and pearl bracelets. A lively mix of different is quite trendy. Before buying, it is advisable to determine the length you want. Often, there are length-adjustable models, which are particularly recommended for high-quality children’s wristbands.