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Every person in this world would have made the structure of their dream marriage. Especially girls who have some dreams of their prince charming or we can say, dream boy.

They always want the things to happen in only such a way they have dreamt with their dream boy from ceremonies, Haldi, Sagai, Shagun, Saat-Fere all auspicious rituals to the wedding. This also goes the same for boys, boys always dream of a right girl with adequate education, modern and desi mix with good habits and manners, a girl who knows how to respect parents. Boy only accepts to turn into a man when his mother is happy with the bahu they have welcomed.

The Indian culture is structured in such a beautiful way that we are proud of being brought in such a respected culture. So, in today’s world, this sweet mixture of desi+modern is very appreciable in Punjabis. Punjabis are so forward-looking to get married to NRI with the family background in Punjab. Punjabi matrimony a wide range of bride and groom as well.

You can fulfill your dream of organizing marriage in your way.


You can be your own person

Old school standards define weddings in an entirely different style. Honeymooners are supposed to watch all the same shows. Merge their social groups. Always relax in the same bed constantly.

Happily wedded couples supposed to snuggle to sleep, it never gets uncomfortable. 

That’s how some of the people believe. They’re not shy to use their version of marriage and put the same yardstick on others. Possibly their vulnerability forces them to rank and evaluate others. Good news you can just relax. A wedding should not devour your soul. You do not need anyone’s permission. No one has to sacrifice up their identity. NRI marriage beuro is different from all these all school norms, you can join their cult and do marriage in your way.


You can keep your own bank account

A joint bank account makes sense some of the time. You both can put money into it on big trips, cover repairs, and other expenses. Meet the expenses partially even if it’s good for a family.

The problem starts arising when one doesn’t want to see every single time using a debit card at Starbucks instead of utilizing it in the right way what it was meant for. It is not fighting for money, it is caring for each other’s income and planning for the future. When both trust each other no need to make their bank account linked. This may create problems.

You can keep a separate bank account only linked to your phone number to keep yourself updated with the current bank account balance. Finally, it all depends on personal choice and person to person. Punjabi matrimony fulfills all your conditions on your personal choice. Either you want a person highly cooperative so that you can make sure to marriage in your way.


You can have your own hobbies and self-interest

Your partner may seem like puzzles many times. He/she may like the same TV show but still, fight. Sometimes he will watch Netflix together, or work on his puzzles, sometimes stupid talk and make jokes.

But sometimes you would like to do things he doesn’t like to do and vice versa. Every now and then, you will manage to go to movies he wants to see. But not always, many times he should go by himself. You can drink beverages in your favorite bourbon glasses.

That way, you are not dragging him down or addressing him as he owes me something. In this era, everyone is already stressed because of office work pressure and this is normal for you and him. This is called modern marriage but this is the reality which we have to accept.


The social effect on marriage

The researchers have come across differences though. People who post a lot on social media platforms mainly because of personal interest in being social might be trying to compensate for their marriage. Some people say their marriage is failing because their social media’s not exploding with comments and hearts in their wedding photos. Searching for an NRI to live a perfect marriage life is good especially when someone loves to be social because sharing every photo on social media is restricted in the Punjabi desi family but not an NRI family. Refer to NRI marriage beuro.

So you do not need to feel like you have to prove your relationship or marriage to someone.


We hope you would have learned how relationships and marriage are meant to be like and how external and internal factors are required to live a happily married life. We also discussed how Indian society and culture and impact on married couples’ life and how Punjabi matrimony can assist you. So, that’s all this all proves you can marry your way.