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Bali is an excellent destination for couples from around the world: some can take the same type of photographs in swimsuits, while others can survive incredible joint adventures and experiences. Bathing in waterfalls, riding a bike, night tracking on the volcano and, of course, cocktails and dinners – the island really has something to offer you, in addition to exclusive photographs that are mandatory in online dating rules.

Stay at one of the most romantic hotels in the world

Last year, the Viceroy Bali hotel won the Best Resort in the World category by Conde Nast Traveler magazine. This is not surprising: the hotel cascades down the green hills in the Petanu River Valley, which offers panoramic views of the surrounding jungle and river gorge. The hotel itself consists of isolated villas, each of which has its own infinity pool overlooking the Ubud jungle. An atmosphere of privacy is guaranteed here – the entire territory is designed so that hotel guests don’t intersect with each other. It is not surprising that many guests spend whole days without leaving the walls of the hotel.


Visit Gitgit waterfall 

Each of the four waterfalls has its own unique features and its own romantic legend. You can see them and touch the natural living beauty just 10 kilometers south of the city of Singaraja.


Taste chocolate at Chocolate Bamboo Factory

This place will especially appeal to lovers of everything natural, eco-friendly, and sweet. During the tour, you will be able to admire bamboo buildings and household items, get acquainted with eco-production, participate in the process and taste the factory products.


Climb a Balinese volcano together

Adventure lovers and those who are not afraid of tracking can be advised to go along one of several mountain routes. The track to the Gunung-Batur volcano is more suitable for beginners. More experienced ones may like the route through the largest volcano of Gunung Agung on the island. Typically, excursions start shortly before midnight and end at dawn. This is a great adventure – to see the dawn over the island with your loved one.


Admire flower fields

Flowers are an essential part of Bali culture. It is not surprising that so many flowers are grown here: there are huge hydrangeas in the mountains and fields of golden marigolds all over the island. One of the most beautiful flower fields is uniquely located in the town of Desa Belok, between the village of Kintamani and the resort of Bedugul.


Enjoy the privacy of Secret Beach

Lost among the rocks and accessible only to backpackers, there is a beach near the village of Padang Bai with stunning ocean landscapes and white sand. If you don’t like the hustle and bustle, want to enjoy each other and, at the same time, not miss the opportunity to sunbathe and swim, then this place was created especially for you.


Try dolphin swimming in Lovina

Lovina is a resort area west of Singaraja. This place is calm, even though there is a very developed tourist infrastructure. If you need peace of mind, then it is difficult to find a more suitable place in Bali. Visit cute and friendly dolphins with whom you can “communicate”, swim, get a lot of unforgettable impressions, and take unique pictures. These are the best things to do in Bali.


Have an atypical dinner

Jimbaran is the best place in Bali for lovers of fresh fish and seafood. It is here that the whole island’s famous fish market and restaurants with freshly caught seafood are located. Restaurants here are right on the beach. Plastic tablecloths, sunset, and romance in the air – what can be better.