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If you are someone that suffers from skin conditions such as allergies and genetic ailments using traditional laundry detergents and soaps has likely given you a skin reaction at some point or the other. 

Medicated soaps are available for those with sensitive skin but what about laundry detergent? Isn’t there a laundry detergent out there that is effective at cleaning clothes and does not contain harmful chemicals and ingredients?

Up until recently, all one had for options when it came to laundry detergent were the big bulky liquid detergent jugs that came with plenty of warning stickers and weighed what felt like a ton.

Not only were these traditional liquid detergents harmful to your skin they were also extremely damaging for the environment. However, Tru Earth is helping change all of that.

Photo by The Honest Company on Unsplash

Tru Earth Eco-Strips – Are They Truly Revolutionary?

If you haven’t heard about Tru Earth’s eco-strips you are about to be amazed. These eco-friendly laundry detergent strips look just like dryer sheets but do so much more. 

Each one of these strips is packed with a highly concentrated detergent that is hypoallergenic, paraben-free, and liquidless. The detergent helps dislodge the toughest of stains, dirt, and debris from clothing and keeps them suspended in water until it is rinsed away. 

This makes for effective cleaning and without chemicals and toxins your clothes come out soft and clean after every wash. The concentrated detergent used in Tru Earth’s detergent is certified as paraben-free, phosphate-free, devoid of added dyes, and free of chlorine bleach. The concentrated formula is also purely vegan and hypoallergenic.

But, what does this all mean? Well, it means that eco-strips are safe and friendly for both your skin and the environment. 


How Much Does This Eco-Friendliness Cost?

It is fair to say that is most cases any product that is cleaner and greener for the environment comes at a premium price. But the eco-strips are actually more affordable than there traditional counterparts. 

An average American household can spend upwards of $100 on laundry detergent alone every year. This excludes spending on other laundry products such as fabric softeners, bleach, and dryer sheets. In comparison, you can get a year’s worth of supply of Tru Earth laundry strips for a little over $100. This averages out to 384 loads a year which is more than one load a day!

How is this possible? Well, the affordability is largely due to the clever bio-degradable packaging that the Tru-Earth eco-strips come in. The strips are placed in what is essentially a plastic-free compostable cardboard sleeve that doubles as an envelope making them reusable and at the same time helping to cut back on waste.

The lightweight packaging and the fact that eco-strips are not liquid-based means that they take up much less space than those big and bulky jugs. This, in turn, leads to lower freight costs, and fewer carbon emissions. This makes eco-strips both friendly for the environment and friendly for your pocket!