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The bathroom is one of the most used areas of our home. It requires proper cleanliness and care. Remodeling the bathroom is popular nowadays as well as costly. It is very necessary to plan the budget for the renovation of your bathroom well.

By proper planning and research and then, making your budget can benefit you. Without planning a budget, you may spend more money but still couldn’t get satisfaction from the renovation. Hence, it is better to pre-plan the budget.

The budget for remodeling your bathroom depends upon the extent of the renovation. Whether you want to change the entire look including tiles, designing and the bathroom essentials or you just want to update the bathroom essentials.

The average cost which will be incurred in the restructuring of the bathroom also depends upon the size of the bathroom. Larger size bathrooms will require a higher budget than the medium or small-sized bathrooms.

For saving your cost, you may compare the prices of the materials from different shops and places and select the one which is reasonably priced along with the quality.

There is a guide given below which will help you to plan your remodeling budget. Having an effective budget will ensure that you don’t waste your money and utilize it efficiently.


Average total budget

If you are going to modify or change only the bathroom essentials, then, the average cost incurred will be about $ 4,000 to $ 7,000. But, this is the average cost. If you will go for some high-priced designs and materials, then the budget may be high.

If you want to save your cost, then, you have to take certain cost-saving decisions. Like, you can go for certain cheaper materials by ignoring the high-quality factor.

According to a report, for a medium-sized bathroom, the cost of remodeling is about more than $19,100. The remodeling includes changing and updating all the essentials, fixtures and appliances.

Such cost will be applied to remodeling of the bathroom of about 35 square feet. As it is mentioned above that the average budget will vary according to the size of the bathroom and the extent to which you want to renovate or restructure the bathroom.

For a highly furnished and designed bathroom the remodeling cost reaches up to $62,000. This cost applies to large-sized bathrooms of about 100 square feet. Such renovation includes changing all the fixtures, plumbing, appliances, and doing all the finishing.


Who will do the work?

Now the first question that arises while renovating your bathroom is that who will do the work? Will you be giving the project entirely to a single contractor who will handle all the things? Or you will allocate particular areas to different subcontractors?



If you will hire a general contractor, then he will be responsible for managing the whole project and look over all the activities. He may hire various subcontractors and assign them to a particular area.

After finishing all the work the total payment will be made by you to the general contractor and he will divide the payment among the subcontractors and will cover all the costs incurred by him.

Rather than going for a general contractor you can hire subcontractors on your own. In such a case, all the responsibility for managing the work will be on you. This is a great way to save money. But, for this, you must have proper knowledge and skills.

Some average rates of subcontractors are-

  • Plumbers- $40-$60 per hour
  • Carpenters- About $ 70 per hour
  • Bathroom designers- Ranging from $55- $165 per hour
  • Electricians- $60-$85 per hour
  • Tile installers- $5-$10 per square feet



Doing the labor work by yourself can help you a lot to save your money and reduce the cost of remodeling. If you have enough skills, then you must try to do the labor work by yourself.

Handy homeowners can easily remodel a medium-sized bathroom on their own. You can at least do some of the work which is possible to do by yourself.

Although, doing your work by yourself also involves some cost like you have to buy some tools and equipment. Or you may take them on rent. Having a contractor will ignore such costs as he will be already having such tools.


Remodeling scope

Another factor that you need to consider how extensively you want to remodel your bathroom. Whether you want only a part to be remodeled or transform the whole bathroom? The scope of remodeling your bathroom is a very crucial factor in determining your budget size and allocation.

Properly plan everything like whether costly modifications have to be made like plumbing, electricity, etc. Whether you want to increase the size of the bathroom or knock a wall. After deciding all the necessary changes to be made, plan your budget accordingly.


Unwanted costs

You will surely discover some hidden or unwanted costs while renovating your bathroom. Some damage can be discovered or some repair may be needed.

Such repair and unwanted costs may vary between $500 to $3,000. Even if you don’t find or discover any hidden damage, then, also you need to make some changes. You may have to update some plumbing or wiring.

Before deciding the budget, consider these unwanted costs. Assume about 10-20% addition in the budget due to unwanted costs.


Material purchase costs

Purchasing material on your own is always a better idea. It will help you to save your cost. Contractors usually charge some additional commission when you purchase the materials through them. Whereas, some building materials are better to be purchased by a contractor.

Some materials like mirrors, appliances, etc can be bought by you. Below various estimated bathroom materials, prices are given which will help you to make your budget.


Showers and tubs

Showers and tubs are the part of the bathroom which makes it look attractive. The showers and tubs have a wide range of prices depending upon the quality and size. The average cost of installing a shower can be about $1000-$2000.

Some high-end showers can cost you up to $6,000. You can go for a waterfall shower head, they are quite attractive and reasonable. There are some shower and tubs combos which range from $500- $1000.

The cost of installing bathtubs also varies. A mid-range bathtub may cost you about $2,500 whereas a high range of bathtubs can cost you about $13,000.



The cost of the tile depends upon the type of design or tile you choose. Different tile brands are of different prices. The cost of standard ceramic tiles is about $1-$5 per square foot. The cost of ornamental mosaics can be as high as you want.



There are various options available for countertops. If you have a low budget, you can go for tiles, marbles or laminate which will cost you about $4 per square foot.

If you have a high budget, then you can go for a natural stone which will cost you about $100 per square foot. For a luxurious renovation, you can go for granite which is about $200 per square foot.



You can find some affordable options for pre-built cabinets and other storage vanities. Small cabinets will cost you about $40-$90. Some medium range cabinets will cost you about $200-$600.

If you want some customization in the cabinets, then the cost will be high due to the fees of the carpenter and the type of wood you choose.



Sinks are the most important part of every bathroom. You can get a wide range of sinks ranging from simple to highly designed. Little sinks will cost you about $50 whereas, designer and large sinks can cost you about $1000 or even more than that.


Hardware and accessories

These are the least expensive part of remodeling your bathroom. You can find a wide variety of hardware and accessories at various home improvement stores. The accessories include toilet paper, towels, etc., which can cost you about $10-$270 depending upon the quality.


Bathroom lightning

A bathroom is a place where we do all our cleaning and grooming. Having more than a single light is worth it. Different lightning may cost you differently. In addition to the lightning, you will also have to pay to the electrician for installation.


Budget sharing

After considering all the factors once your budget is decided. You must carefully allocate your budget. The budget allocation depends upon the type of design you want. Here are some guidelines which will help you to allocate your budget-

  1. Spend about 4% of your budget on designing.
  2. 20% of your budget on labor.
  3. 9% on the flooring.
  4. 15% on fixtures.
  5. 5% on ventilation and lighting.
  6. 5% on walls and ceilings.
  7. 16% on hardware and cabinet.
  8. 4% on doors and windows.
  9. 7% on countertops.
  10. 14% on plumbing.


Ending tips

  • Predict delays in advance: You must predict delays in advance. Delays may lead to an addition in payments, replacement of materials, hotel costs, labor costs, etc. Try to predict where delays can occur and take some preventive actions.
  • Don’t make changes in the middle: Making changes in the middle may cost you even more. So, it’s better to make a plan and stick to it.
  • Plan the design: It is better to invest the proper time planning your bathroom design thoroughly. Consider all the factors and make an effective plan to save your cost and renovate your bathroom perfectly.
  • Be realistic: Make your plan according to your budget. You cannot build a luxurious bathroom with a small budget. Better to be realistic according to your budget.
  • Search the best contractor: To select a contractor you must shop around and select the best contractor that can provide you high-quality services with reasonable pricing. Select a contractor that can provide you better value and at a cost that fits according to your budget.

This was all about how to plan your budget and what are the factors that should be considered.

This article also provides you a guide of some estimated prices, which can help you to decide your budget if you are planning to remodel your bathroom.

Remodeling your bathroom requires effective planning to ensure that your money is not wasted and you remodel your bathroom effectively.


About the Author: Amy Lee is a writer, blogger, and digital marketing hybrid. She also contributes in GlobalPropertyGuide, RealtyTimes, MagneticStrategy.