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6 essential oils to keep your body and mind healthy in winters

Alex Marginean



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Essential oils are nothing but essences drawn from plants, and have been utilized for beauty, aromatic, and healing purposes from ages. It works wonders when used for skin care, body care, and hair care. For recovering from seasonal illnesses to improving health conditions, different essential oils containing various nutrients offer necessary benefits in terms of cleansing, healing, and nourishing.

Winter poses challenges to body and mind such as dry skin, sore throats, cough, mood fluctuations, lethargy, and others. Essential oils rich in antibacterial properties can be helpful for improving blood circulation and immunity. They become one of the best natural tools to maintain a good health and overcome various issues. The adoption of essential oil is booming, which in turn, resulted in significant growth of the global market. According to the report published by Allied Market Research, the global essential oil market is expected to reach $11.19 billion by 2022. Following are some of the oils that can help you take care of yourself in the winter:

Oregano essential oil:

This essential oil provides spicy and warm, yet refreshing aroma that can be useful for calming and attaining relaxed mindset. It is used in spiritual practices, and helps in balancing emotions and energizing the mind. Moreover, this cent percent pure oregano essential oil offers several benefits as it is a great source of anti-oxidants. It is useful in improving gut health, relieving pain, and fighting against cold and flu. However, there is a precaution needs to be taken. The use of this oil is prohibited if you are allergic to sage, mind, lavender, or basil.


Cinnamon essential oil:

Along with its mood-boosting properties useful for winters, cinnamon essential oil offers anti-fungal, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties. Its exotic and intense aroma uplifts the mood and eases the stress. By promoting relaxation, it leads a person to gain a restful sleep. From relieving migraines to fighting against upset stomach & cold, this oil is one of the necessities to be utilized in winters. Its antioxidant properties boost immune system.  However, you are using a diluted version of this oil as it can cause burning sensation on skin if poured directly. You can add a drop to morning coffee or tea for winter delight.


Clove essential oil:

A slightly bitter, yet spicy and woodsy aroma of essential oil enables you to relax, invigorate, and calm yourself. Derived from clove buds, the brisk quality of the oil helps in providing clarity, focus, and emotional balance. Along with boosting the mood, it can be one of the best oils for foot massage. Ensure you dilute this oil before putting it on the skin as it can give burning sensation.


Ginger essential oil:

Winter may give a feeling of fatigue, timidity, and stagnation. It is helpful in management of mood fluctuations, emotional imbalance, and lethargy. If you are struggling to maintain concentration and having low libido, this is the best option for you. Moreover, this oil can be used for improving digestion if added with tea or coffee. Moreover, its natural healing properties can be beneficial for relieving muscle pain, nausea, morning sickness, and others.


Eucalyptus essential oil:

From fighting foreign bacteria in effective manner to boost immune system to treating cold & cough, eucalyptus essential oil is one of the best options good health in winters. This oil is effective in treatment against respiratory issues including bronchitis, pharyngitis, and sinusitis. This is useful in fighting seasonal allergies and regulating blood circulation. Moreover, it helps in relaxing the body, relieves congestion, and offers better sleep in night.


Thyme essential oil:

A strong aromatic thyme essential oil is helpful in eliminating negative feelings such as anxiety, fatigue, stress, and anger. It is useful in improving emotional stability, courage, and focus along with gaining positive outlook. This oil offers cough-fighting properties and contains anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties. In addition, this oil offers anti-microbial properties for gaining relief from different respiratory conditions.


Winter can pose various challenges to your body and mind with shorter days and colder nights. Instead of opting for tablets and syrups from medical shop, some of the home remedies can offer great benefits. Utilization of essential oil can be of great help when used for treating different conditions. Studies have backed that these oils can be effective mood booster and assist in healing from weakness and lethargy. Use them with proper precautions and based on the health conditions.

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