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Growing up on a typical American family, you must have enjoyed the meatier side of life. Your appetite is now looking into the best way to eat fast foods. Unfortunately, you are part of the team, “no meat, it’s not a meal.”

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Vegan Diet

Many people assume that feeding on an exclusively vegan diet will make you shed weight. Does it work, or are vegetarians hiding something from the public? In that light what could be the challenges or tips to look for? You need to know that a vegan diet does not equal weight loss. 

The moment you take the plunge to start feeding on a plant-based diet consisting of whole foods, you begin to realize there is something positive building up inside you – energy. When you start noticing increasing levels of energy, it is a likely indication of weight loss. 

The following tips give you ten ways of losing weight on a vegetarian diet. 


  1. Get off the Junk Train 

Avoid food that cannot decompose. Foods that have undergone processing at any stage in their production should no longer be part of your diet. In the world today, we have plenty of vegan alternatives such as butter, cheese, burgers, etc. 

Junk foods are, of course, delicious but genuinely unhealthy. You can have them once in a while but not on a regular menu. Make sure that you always have ready vegan food to sort yourself when hungry. For more fitness tips check out leahsfitness.


  1. Increase Protein Intake 

Some people may want to lose weight by increasing their protein intake on the meal table. Proteins help in weight loss because you tend to get full faster, denying you the opportunity of ‘overfeeding.’ 

You can choose to eat protein cooked or raw form. Protein shakes fit in your busy schedule because you grab and go. Other veggies such as beans, quinoa, lentils, and oats are good for salads or stir-frying. 


  1. Live by the Vegan Pyramid

At the base of a vegetarian food pyramid are greens, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. There is an emphasis on grains, cereals, bread, and pasta as the basis of well-balanced nutrition. 

The important thing about the food pyramid is to know that it acts as a guide on what you need to know when starting the weight loss journey. 


  1. Eat and Move 

Spend most of the day doing something while standing as you spend less time seated. You do not have to be an athlete to engage in running. Look for an exercising activity that you love and add it to your daily routine. Try yoga, step in the gym, take a morning run and walk to work for a reasonable distance, or dancing is also a great idea. 

The Simplest Principle of Weight loss is the 80/20 rule that defines 80% of your time on and 20% following up on your activity. Regardless of how hard you work out with a bad diet, you will not make any reasonable progress. 


  1. Stick to Fiber and Whole Grains 

Every time you are hungry, go for the fruit bowl that should always be present on the top kitchen counter. Go for fiber-rich fruits such as bananas, apples, and pears. Fiber stays longer in the body, making you stay full longer. 

Whole grains have nutrients that processed meals do not have. There is a big difference in consuming refined grains in comparison to feeding on whole grain. They are the healthy carbohydrates that your body needs for energy. You can also go for a low carbohydrate diet which is also known as the keto diet, you can check for the keto diet plan for beginners.  

Groundnuts are examples of snacks that should always be somewhere you can grab. They have good fat that balances the cholesterol levels in your blood, making your heart more active.

Consumption of complex carbohydrates via whole grain keeps your blood sugar level and, in turn, encourages weight loss. 


  1. Shop Organic Food 

Organic foods are full of nutrients because they grow on nutrient-dense soil. They use manure from animals within the farm to give them a healthy boost. 

The quality of these types of food is high and controls your feeding cycle because they are rich in nutrients. Because of their nature, you will find yourself eating a small portion every day. 


  1. Invest in Herbs and Natural Flavors 

Use oil sparingly or eliminate them by using herbs and natural seasoning to your meals. Natural herbs are useful because they are available in different flavors, and they help you reduce fat content in your body.


  1. Move Away from Processed Soy 

As a person coming from the typical American diet, you are likely to backslide and start consuming soy products. On your new path of weight loss, it is better to stay away from processed soy because you are likely to consume it in excess. It is not unheard of for someone in transition to be consuming soy for breakfast as tofu, soy veggie burger, and mix it with something else for supper.


  1. Prepare Healthy Meals and Hydrate Yourself

Plan your meals to ensure it has all the necessary nutrition that guarantee weight loss. Nowadays, you can grab pre-packaged vegetables in the form of stir-fry blends, carrots, eggplant, mushroom, vegan cheese, marinara sauce, and basil. 

When it is time to drink water, make sure you satisfy the daily intake. You can supplement with pure fruit juice unless you are on a weight loss program. Pure fruit juice adds many calories with every drink. 

Smoothies do not count as a drink, consider then as a snack depending on its ingredients. 


  1. Read Your Food Labels 

Marketers use the word ‘vegan’ to mean something healthy. The best clarification is always to analyze the individual ingredients and counting the number of calories per serving.  

The ingredients on the label should not have any added sugars or oil. Because manufacturers know you love sugar, they use alternative names to sell.  

The bottom line is simple. If you cannot read what is on the label, do not consume it. Take the advice seriously if you are on the path of losing weight.



You will be on your way to losing weight by feeding on a purely vegan diet. However, it is essential to eat protein-rich foods while fending off the extra weight. 

Food may not be the only panacea to lose weight. Look for a person who will motivate you and help you stay on the right track. It is easy to deal with another human who understands your struggle with weight. 


We are all unique in metabolism, psychology, and dietary needs. It is for such reasons that you may not get the perfect fit to answer your weight problems. One solution may work for you and not the other person. What matters is the underlying principle in diet and living on a healthy meal plan. Internalize these principles and make them part of your life while looking for the right meal plan in your vegetarian diet.