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A carpet adds beauty and comfort in any space of your house, especially in your living room and bedroom. It can also be a focal point of your interiors.

However, stains and dust can easily pose a big problem on your carpet’s texture. Also, replacing your carpet could be time-consuming as well as expensive.

So, it’s essential that you take extra care of your carpet for keeping it clean, and you ought to know the most effective ways of cleaning it.

Here are 6 tips for keeping your carpet super clean:


1) Wash regularly –  Washing your carpet regularly, i.e. once every 6 or 12 months, increases its durability and keeps it soft for a longer period. While vacuuming your carpet daily helps towards its maintenance, it’s the washing, either by hand or professional that’s key to keeping your carpet wonderfully clean.

If you’re planning to wash your carpet at home, first and foremost, sweep all over the carpet with a broom to loosen dirt trapped inside the cloth. Then vacuum your carpet to collect debris like loose dirt and pet hair. For washing the carpet, mix warm water with an equal amount of white vinegar, and add two drops of bleach-free, gentle dishwashing liquid to produce foam.

Moisten a clean, soft-bristled brush with the soapy solution and use it to lightly scrub your carpet, section wise. Use a wet or dry vacuum on the carpet to gather additional moisture and foam. Then moisten a clean and clear brush with warm water and scrub the carpet again, rinsing it thoroughly.


Keep windows open and place pedestal fans near the rinsed carpet so that the air circulating throughout the room will dry it soon. For daily maintenance, vacuum and steam-clean your carpet thoroughly,  preventing the build-up of pieces of debris.

You can also hire a professional service for cleaning your carpet. Springtime is best for the annual cleaning because the carpet cleaning specials help to remove all the dirt accumulated in the fibres throughout winter.


2) Blot instead of rubbing stains – Although you can’t keep your carpet free of stains, you must never rub the stains. Rubbing appears to be the perfect method of scrubbing out a carpet stain, however, in reality, it worsens the problem.

Rubbing spreads the stain substance to adjoining, originally stain-free fibres. Also, it has a harsh effect on your carpet and causes premature weakening of its fibres.

Blot the stains instead! Take a cleaning cloth or sponge, soak it with a cleanser, then dab the carpet stain with a little pressure on it and soak it up. This way by blotting stains, you can easily manage to clean your carpet’s spoilt areas.


3) Begin vacuum cleaning farthest from the door – While vacuum cleaning your carpet, it makes sense to start in that corner of the carpet farthest from the door. This way you can progress steadily in the direction of the door, removing every speck of dust effectively. Also, keep working gradually and in a linear path with cleaner, parallel movements, ensuring that you cover every inch of your carpet.


4) Use Hydrogen Peroxide for Stubborn Stains – Occasionally, your carpet can have bloodstains due to small accidents. A messy affair indeed! Not to worry, you can remove blood stains completely from your carpet. Hydrogen peroxide, the pale blue, translucent acid plays a key role in resolving the issue.


Initially, use a mild cleaner for removing the larger part of the bloodstain. After scraping off as much of it as possible, treat the remaining part of the stain with hydrogen peroxide directly. The pale blue acid dissolves germs while eating away at all the remaining blood in your carpet. This way blood will not remain in your carpet forever.


5) Apply Shaving Cream to the Stains – Yes, it’s the perfect solution for just about any carpet stain! A rare option to think of, shaving cream is, surprisingly, the ideal choice for a large variety of carpet stains, ranging from simple ones like mud or coffee to the tricky ones coming from spilt ink or red wine.

When your carpet gets a stain, apply a little quantity of shaving cream to it, and leave it on the stain for approximately 30 minutes before you blot it up with a cleaning cloth. Finish with a spray of vinegar. This way a shaving cream can be your carpet’s best cleaner.


6) Use a Portable Spot Cleaner – The best way to manage occasional carpet stains like pet stains or coffee stains, a portable carpet cleaner is a small, handheld tool using a power-driven brush to lift the complete stain quickly.

The spot cleaner combines a carpet cleansing shampoo with a strong spray as well as suction to clean the carpet, thus preventing rubbing. The cleaner then feathers the freshly cleaned area, blending the spot with the remaining or unaffected area.

So, you don’t have to drag a big carpet cleaner inside the space for just a little spot (stain). Also, since the spot cleaner avoids heat and steam for cleaning, it will not damage your carpet.




So, you now know that carpet care is no big deal. Use these tips for keeping your carpet in good shape and let it be a conversation starter while you’re entertaining guests.