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You don’t require an Ivy League education in order to receive a world-class education.

Plenty of online education websites offer academic courses for just a fraction of the costs of traditional universities, making them an ideal option for self-learners.

The Internet has changed the way we learn. With countless learning tools available at your fingertips, you can now enjoy a fuller, more engaging learning experience. These tools empower millions of people from all across the world to develop skills, start a business, and create a meaningful change in their lives.

With so many options available, it can be challenging to find a suitable learning website for your needs. Today, we’re going to introduce you to 5 amazing self-education sites where you can learn something useful to build your career.


1. Coursera

The best thing about learning on the Internet is that you can take university courses, which before were only accessible to those who forked over enormous sums of money in order to attend demanding colleges.

Coursera brings the majority of those classes together and put them into one robust website, offering around 400 courses ranging from Guitar Lessons to Constitutional Law. You can build skills with courses, certificates, and degrees online from the world’s best universities and companies

Courses usually include videos and specific coursework (e.g., online quizzes), which must be completed within a specific time as they are monitored by a professor.

You can stop by whenever and check out what’s new or look for subjects that interest you so that you can put them on your watch list to be notified as new courses begin.


2. Khan Academy

A large number of students use Khan Academy to get them through school. It’s effective for anyone with the traditional route and/or for those focusing on educating themselves.

There’s a whole world of information and you can kickstart with basic online courses, then move up to more advanced ones.

Partnering with several post-secondary schools and colleges, Khan Academy offers an excellent, well-organized interface. Curating tons of courses from around the Internet, Khan Academy offers remarkable depth on several different subjects.

Khan Academy has a reputation in terms of online education. Now, all we need is for them to bring out a solid MLA editor, or perhaps a free MLA formatter and we’re good to go.


3.  Codecademy

Codecademy is a unique, interactive platform that helps you learn how to code in a variety of programming languages.

Most of the free courses on Codecademy can be completed under 11 hours. They have helped train over 45 million students in topics like web development, computer science, programming, and even data science.

Codecademy alums work at Facebook, Google, Bloomberg, and IBM, among other big-name companies. There’s also a premium plan that offers more courses and facilities.


4. Lynda

Lynda is one of the most popular educational hubs for both students and professionals seeking how to detox new skills related to technology, business, and creativity.

Lynda’s courses fall under various categories like audio/music, animation, design, business, marketing, development, video, photography, and more.

You’ll get a 30-day free trial upon sign up. After that, you’ll be charged $20 or $30/month for a basic or premium membership.

You can also deactivate your membership whenever you want. Plus, Lynda offers a “reactivate” option that restores your account information, including course history and progress.


5. Udemy

Founded by Oktay Caglar, Eren Bali, and Gagan Biyani, Udemy made education more accessible than ever before.

To date, Udemy has reached over 30 million students across the world with a variety of online courses, ranging from piano lessons to Instagram marketing.

Starting at $10.99, Udemy lets you access over 80,000 online courses that fit your lifestyle, and it’s yours forever. Businesses like Adidas, PayPal, and Pinterest have been using Udemy for their teams for years, which explains the reason behind its immense popularity.

Available in different languages and accessible all around the world, you’ve nothing to lose but everything to gain by signing up for Udemy’s trial offer.


Wrapping Up

There you have it. The websites mentioned above offer both free and paid lessons, depending on your needs. Some even offer general, non-academic lessons, while others provide actual college and university curriculum course material.

So, whatever it is you’re trying to learn, we hope this list will help you find it and start learning asap!