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Discovering Morocco – A Step by Step Guide

Alexandru Marginean



Image by ismailhousni from Pixabay
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With time people discover lots of places enjoyable with families and friends. It’s a good thing that we don’t stop at one place either. We keep travelling.

We learn. We grow. We achieve our dreams.

An amateur traveler will make mistakes when planning to travel but seriously, no one is an expert in it. You don’t need a certificate of approval to wander around the world. All are amateurs we just learn from a long not-to-do list and then we just adapt according to surroundings, isn’t it so?

It’s easy to get fascinated by Africa. There are lots of places one can cover step by step…you can visit the southernmost tip and enjoy the capital city of South Africa or you can go north (closer to Europe) and enjoy Arabian nights in The Sahara Desert.

Africa is full of culture and norms. You won’t be disappointed if you are a natural explorer. For explorers like us, we tend to learn from these cultures we discover a unique perspective of learning and amazing adventures to our graves. Such is the country of Morocco.

As I said, Africa is full of culture and norms, Morocco is the oasis in African Land. Recently it has gathered lots of tourist attention. And why is that?

Morocco has great locations for tourists. Let it be the beach side or the historical wonders or the hiking to mountains, it’s got it all.

One journey. One country. many roads.

Morocco is not only about the Sahara Desert it offers more than your imagination.

Let your imagination run wild in Morocco.

Morocco tourism is becoming one of the major highlights of the year. You can enjoy from basic cozy on the beach holiday or go to the north enjoy the hill station at the foothill of Atlas Mount, you have the freedom to decide what you want for your perfect holiday.

Morocco is an Islamic country but with a vast diversity of culture and traditions. If you see people speaking French or English don’t be surprised. Its historical variation not only makes it an important country for the Muslims but also for French, Romans, and Jews too.

When planning to stay in Morocco start your adventurous holidays from the south. it is such a contrast to Europe’s cold climate that you are bound to toast in the sunny beaches under palm shades. Make a prior booking in advance to avoid the hassle of accommodation in a hotel or resort of your choice or you can stay in the city heart, riads (guesthouses) renovated for tourists.

Besides the accommodation travel light because you will buy eccentric goods from the famous souks of Marrakech and Fez. Lots of tourists are not prepared for this, they pack all the things and question themselves how to pack their purchases.


Schedule your routine

 It will help you travel maximum without the chaos of what to do and so on.

Day 1

Starting your holiday from the beachside, opt for Agadir, it’s a tourist commercial area not as big as Casablanca but the white sand beaches and the cool shade of blue of Atlantic are like a safe haven for tourists. Spend your day at the beach, relax your toe and get a good tan.

Day 2

For your second day, unravel the path towards souks. The deeper you move, the thicker the air becomes with the merchandises displayed, but you have to be quite careful too. Sellers may become annoyingly persuasive and don’t just talking to any vendor. Bargaining skills are nurtured, and who knows how many goods you will be able to get after a good haggling?

Day 3

For your third day, prepare yourself with lots of stamina and be a good listening ear for the tales that Saharan nomads will share with you. Cover some sand dunes in The Great Sahara and spend a night camping in the cold nights warmed by barbeque date over a bonfire. Proper camping gear provided for the tourists (on a family holiday or otherwise). This trip to Merzouga is enough to remember by even if you don’t decide to travel further to other cities (but you won’t be able to resist yourself).


Remember when camping to bring your own water bottle as well as bring a hand sanitizer too.  and spending a day under Moroccan sun especially in the Sahara Desert can be a bit overwhelming so make sure to cover your head with a large hat and to use an excessive amount of sunscreen too.

Day 4

Coming back via a bus service (provided by the hotel you are staying) plan a day to visit the historical wonders. Morocco is famous not only for the Sahara or the Agadir beach but mostly for its heritage.

Heritage is like a ledger of historic times. If you haven’t seen it, you didn’t get to enjoy a Morocco experience. Visit the famous gates of Fez and the Museums. Being an Islamic country you’ll hear a prayer call five times a day, mosques are a specialty of heritage in Morocco. It will be a fascinating experience for you to visit Hassan II Mosque with a towering Minaret in Casablanca (the 5th largest mosque in the world!), Koutoubia Mosque – a 12th-century mosque standing tall in Marrakech, Bahia Palace (Bahia meaning brilliant) also located in Marrakech and so on. It’s bound to take you back in prehistoric times. Visiting tanneries will be worth your while if you are not obnoxious to the pungent smell of dyeing animal skins and why not get a remarkable aerial view of Casablanca from the rooftops?

Day 5

Get together a light bag and travel to hill resorts in the north at the bottom of Atlas Mountain. You’ve got to cover all basis!

You can snowboard, ski, sled and enjoy the hot aroma of coffee or Kahwah alongside the fluffy snow mountains. You can also go visit the local town and the natural reserve park too! feels like Switzerland! It’s quiet to the bustling south of Morocco. You won’t regret it!

Each day is a new discovery in Morocco.

Moroccan tourism is one of the epitome of experiences. You just can’t miss it. I’m getting the vibes to travel back there. When is your chance going to be?


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South African Cricketing Legend AB de Villiers Turns Fan Selfies Into Social Impact via New App

Betty Tűndik



Photo Source: and - edited by
Reading Time: 2 minutes


South African cricketing legend AB de Villiers, in partnership with JET8 Foundation, today announced the launch of his own JET8 Engagement Technology powered social iOS and Android app called ‘ABDCam’.  From today, fans and supporters in South Africa, India, and all around the world will be able to use the ABDCam app to customise photos and videos with AB de Villiers personal Geo-stickers and Geo-frames, and earn points (‘JETPoints’) in exchange for their social influence throughout social media platforms. JETPoints can be used to redeem a variety of rewards and to contribute to youth-related social impact causes supported by the AB de Villiers Foundation located in Pretoria, South Africa.

JETPoints are rewarded to fans for likes, comments, and shares of social media posts when customised using AB de Villiers’ special Geo-stickers and Geo-frames, exclusively found in the ABD Cam app. Users are additionally rewarded JETPoints when sharing the posts onto other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

AB de Villiers aims to raise awareness for a range of charitable causes geared towards benefitting the youth in countries like South Africa, India and many other cricket-loving nations around the world. Users contribute to this vision and cause using their JETPoints in the app.

AB de Villiers said of the social media app launch and JET8 partnership: “I wouldn’t be here without my fans, they are incredibly close to my heart. For a long time, I’ve been thinking of a way to reward my fans for their engagement, whilst giving back to causes that I strongly believe in. With the birth of the AB de Villiers Foundation and my new official app, ABDCam, my fans can now have access to exclusive, cool ways to create their own content whilst helping kids around the world.” Currently AB de Villers has over 10 million fans across all social media platforms.

“It’s a completely groundbreaking way of using social media technology, and I’m excited to partner with JET8 to raise the bar for social media fan engagement. Together, my fans and I can help carve a better future for our youth. I can’t wait for everyone to download ABDCam!” he added.

JET8 Foundation Co-founder, Mike Allen said: “World renowned for his overflowing talent and all around-sports excellence, AB takes his breathtaking enterprise to new heights with his first “social impact” focused iOS and Android community app. ABDCam not only allows AB to connect with his fans in a whole new way, it turns his fans into advocates for causes close to his heart. We are proud to have our technology used by these global talents to help make the world a better place.”

ABDCam is now available to download from the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

For more information, visit

SOURCE: JET8 Foundation

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Blockchain, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Highlighted as Emerging Trends at Frost & Sullivan’s 2019 ICT Predictions Road Show

Vlad Poptamas



Photo source:
Reading Time: 3 minutes


2018 saw spectrum release discussions for a faster LTE network, increasing communication reach in rural areas and enterprises across industries embracing innovative technologies such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, 2019 will be the year when South Africa start-ups lead the innovation in IIoT and AI, and their cross-industry integration, according to Saurabh Verma, head of ICT for Frost & Sullivan’s Middle East and Africa Region.

Verma presented the 2019 ICT trends for South Africa at Frost & Sullivan’s ICT predictions road show. He said companies will need to revisit their competitive strategy to acquire new skill sets to remain competitive. At the State of the Nation address on 7 February, President Cyril Ramaphosa also stressed the need to develop skills for the “fourth Industrial Revolution” and called for a major shake-up in education to prepare the country to compete in the digital global economy.

With the government reaffirming the importance of ICT, specifically in the communication sector, Frost & Sullivan identified seven ICT predictions for 2019.

Prediction 1: The rise of the telecommunications sector

The telecommunications sector revenue will reach 149.5 billion in 2019. The ICT industry revenue is expected to reach R305 billion in 2019, with the telecommunications sector contributing the most at 49.6%. The cloud services market will contribute the least at 0.6%.

Telecommunications providers will strengthen digital content offerings, including OTT messaging, VOD, pay TC and triple-pay services. They will also actively acquire and partner with IT service providers to strengthen their in-house resources and capabilities to compete in the ICT services ecosystem.

Prediction 2: Multi-tenanted data centres

Multi-tenanted data centres will drive growth in data centre revenues. The data centre (DC) revenue contributes 8% toward the overall ICT industry and is estimated to reach R8.0 billion in 2019 with a growth of 10.6%.

While a 1.8% growth in DC’s revenue is expected in 2019, the growth of DC services via cloud will take longer than expected due to consumer protection regulations and the fact that large enterprises’ transition to cloud is hampered by legacy infrastructure.

A potential business model would be for cloud services to target SMEs as they have the potential to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

Prediction 3: 5G will take longer than anticipated; 3G is the present reality for South Africa

Expensive data packages and delays in spectrum release are hampering subscriber base growth for 5G. While mobile operators are ready to develop 4G networks and deploy 5G services, 3G will be the dominant technology over the next three years.

5G promises significantly higher speed than 3G and 4G; however, there are still concerns about the immediate reliance on 5G for industries. 5G will be appropriate for industries requiring real-time decision making.

Prediction 4: South African start-ups will lead the innovation in IIoT and its cross-industry integration

With start-ups focussing on innovative IoT solutions to reach 6.2 million in M2M subscriptions, non-voice services, especially mobile data (3G and 4G), will continue to drive IIoT market growth in 2019.

Telecommunications providers will become end-to-end solutions providers, growing beyond offering connectivity services to provide sensors, hardware, software, platforms, cloud, analytics and security.

Prediction 5: AI-powered business applications to increase productivity and efficient customer support and services

AI solutions that address regionally relevant challenges such as poaching and accessible healthcare and education services will grow steadily, improving the quality of life in South Africa.

Hospitality, manufacturing and mining will use AI services in 2019.

Prediction 6: Digital transformation to improve customer experiences

Customers are demanding self-service, and companies aiming to improve the customer experience will focus on the digitisation of processes such as AI-enabled customer touch points.

An omni-channel strategy will ensure a consistent, high-quality customer experience, regardless of how, where or why a customer chooses to interact with an organisation.

Prediction 7: Incumbents and fintech firms will continue to enjoy a (mostly) good relationship

With the exception of direct competitors, South African banks will continue to attempt to work with fintech start-ups and encourage innovation in this area.

South Africa’s fintech ecosystem is becoming steadily more innovative and dynamic with South African banks attempting to work with fintech firms either through acquisitions or partnerships to capitalise on innovations.

Blockchain, augmented reality and virtual reality are the emerging technologies that Frost & Sullivan believes will disrupt the South African ICT industry in 2019.

Blockchain has the potential to greatly increase the efficiency of data transfer between multiple parties, significantly reducing delays and costs, despite cryptocurrency price clashes and regulations, which will prompt exploration of other applications of blockchain technology.

Augmented reality will be largely used in facilitating training and education and in industrial maintenance in the engineering services industry. It will also be used to enhance customer engagement and branding in the banking and retail industries through gamified mobile app-based platforms.

“Lastly, virtual reality will redefine the training, marketing and advertising service delivery models across various sectors and provide customers with an immersive and interactive experience while helping to reach a wider audience to establish deep-rooted relationships with existing and potential new customers,” said Verma.


SOURCE Frost & Sullivan

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IoT Forum Africa 2019 to Showcase Latest Innovations in IoT

Vlad Poptamas



Photo source:
Reading Time: 2 minutes


The IoT Forum Africa 2019 is hosted by IT News Africa

Internet of Things Forum Africa returns to Johannesburg for the third year on 26 and 27 March 2019 at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. Hosted by IT News Africa, IoT Forum Africa 2019 is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever and is set to feature an exciting list of visionaries, thought leaders and industry experts who will explore the benefits and challenges of IoT in key industries.

The Internet of Things is becoming the backbone of every industry, allowing users to make intelligent decisions without feeling overwhelmed by technology. Its ability infuse operational efficiency is the next step of the IoT evolution as it improves business processes using AI and machine learning to analyse past behavior, whilst gleaning insights to change the future. #IOTFA19, through insightful presentations, panel discussions, industry focused break-away sessions and interactive case-studies, will take an in-depth look at how organisations can harness true “business value” from IoT.

#IOTFA19 will also offer Africa’s biggest IoT players a platform to showcase some of the latest IoT solutions to a diverse audience drawn from the public and private sectors.

This year, IT leaders and senior business executives will have the opportunity to hear from local and international expert speakers who will dissect topics such as:

  • The Future of IoT – Predictions for a Connected World
  • Selecting the Right Platform for your IoT Project
  • Transforming Rural Africa with the Power of IoT
  • Smart City Ecosystems and Sustainability
  • The Internet of Things – A Service Provider’s Perspective
  • Future of IoT Simulation: Internet of Virtual Things
  • Assessing the Role of Smart Devices as a Critical Entry Point to the IoT Ecosystem
  • IoT in Public Transportation
  • Looking at The New World of Connectivity: 5G and the Internet of Things

How to Participate:

Join as an attendee: Join hundreds of Africa’s entrepreneurs, IOT solution providers and technology leaders – for two days of top-level content, case studies, live demos, and plenty of networking opportunities
Join as a speaker: Showcase your thought-leadership. Share your insights and experience. Shape solutions to critical business challenges.
Join us as an exhibitor: Showcase your brand and present your solutions to a select audience. Position your organisation at the forefront of Africa’s IoT revolution. Find new partnerships, investors, leads, and opportunities.

For more information, visit

SOURCE IT News Africa

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