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More than a third of European p2p investors prefer active lifestyle

Alex Marginean



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Sport and an active lifestyle help investors keep bold thinking and make better investment decisions. According to a recent survey of the European P2P lending platform, 25% of European P2P investors mentioned sports and 11.7% – hiking and camping as their hobby.

In the first turn, the tendency of investors to do sports in their free time can be explained by their intention to stay healthy as much as possible. Almost every fourth (37.7%) considers well-being as an important asset and makes it a priority in life. Besides, such a preventive approach enables investors to spend only a small share of their budget on health issues and preserve funds for more strategic goals.

Interestingly, more than half of the P2P investors who took part in the survey are involved in IT and Finance: 33% and 12%, respectively. Spending most of the day working in an office, they also have to concentrate and perform mental work requiring much energy. Consequently, such alternation of activities allows them to relieve stress, improve concentration and stay energetic letting fresh ideas come.

Providing advantages to any person, sports and active lifestyle particularly benefit investors in preserving critical thinking and helping them to stay bold following their investment strategies. Although types of activities, which P2P investors prefer, do not affect the volumes invested in P2P loans, it still says about their attitude toward trying new things. Thus, the survey has revealed that investors who regularly exercise start their investment path with shares more often than those who prefer less active leisure time. Compared to P2P lending, shares require higher due diligence and self-confidence from investors. In this respect, P2P platforms attract investors who are not ready to start with bold decisions and prefer more simple tools for the first time.

At the same time, it does not mean that other activities are not in favour. Along with sports and other pastime activities, every fifth investor (21.3%) reads books in the free time. That is the second most popular answer. However, reading may not be just a hobby. More likely, it is a way for investors to broaden their outlook and increase financial literacy to make even better investment decisions.

Among other hobbies, respondents also mentioned listening to music, cooking, blogging, travelling and dancing.

The P2P platform conducted the survey for two weeks in the second half of September. In total, it involved 600 respondents from the European countries who invest on various P2P lending platforms.


SERGEY SEDOV, Founder & CEO of Robo.Cash

Sergey Sedov is Founder and CEO of the P2P lending platform His total entrepreneurial experience amounts to 17 years embracing business management, alternative lending, real estate, commerce and production. He established his first offline lending company in 2010. In 2013, Sergey started building the micro consumer lending holding Robocash Group. Today, its companies are represented in 8 markets in Europe and Asia and provide access to finance to more than 7.9 million customers.

 ABOUT THE COMPANY: is a Croatia based fully automated P2P platform with a buyback guarantee on investments operating within the European Union and Switzerland. Launched in February 2017, the platform belongs to the financial holding Robocash Group that unites non-bank consumer lending companies in seven markets in Europe and Asia. As a part of the group, works according to a “peer-to-portfolio” model providing an opportunity to invest in short-term loans issued by the affiliated companies. For the time of operation, it has attracted over €9 mln of investments, which has allowed to finance €115 mln worth of loans.

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