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How can Heliocare Supplements protect your skin from the Sun?

Alexandru Marginean



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Skin is the largest organ of the human body. It acts as a physical barrier, eliminating harmful pollutants, bacterias as well as particulate matter. To keep the immunity top-notch, you must take care of your skin. Now, what exactly causes maximum harm to your skin? Undoubtedly, the answer is the sun and the UV radiation that sunrays possess. Maintain the glow of your skin by eradicating these radiations. You can’t keep the after-effects of UV rays away just by applying sunscreen. You must adhere to a regular skincare routine to fulfill this purpose.

Apart from the creams and sunglasses, few supplements also provide adequate heliocare and sun protection. Moreover, these pills can keep the effects of sunrays permanently away from your skin. That way, you don’t have to keep applying sunscreen every 2-3 hours.

Keep reading to know why you should switch to heliocare supplements for glowing and beautiful skin.

Provides Better Effects Than Sunscreen


Protecting your skin from the sun is not something you do once a week. You need to adapt to a daily skincare regimen that eradicates the harmful effects of UV rays. To keep the hassle away, you can switch to heliocare supplements. These are potent pills that provide two times better results than any sunscreen. Also, you don’t have to face the trouble of applying sunscreen every hour or so. Just consume the pill once and you’re good to go for the whole day.

Such supplements are designed to keep the sun-protection active all day long. The main constituent, polypodium leucotomos taken from medicinal ferns of the American premises shows magical results. It acts as an antioxidant and fights off free radical formation.

Keeps Your Skin Away From Wrinkles


One of the major benefits of heliocare supplements is that it keeps the unwanted wrinkles far away. As the major chemical in these pills is an antioxidant, it provides similar benefits. By limiting the production of free radicals, it keeps the toxins and waste products in check. Further, the pills also slow down the aging process and remove the fine lines from time to time. But, you must take the supplements as recommended by dermatologists.

Consume two pills with some water an hour before heading out for the day. If you wish to limit the pill consumption, you can try out the heliocare ultra supplements. It contains additional pomegranate extracts and thus, only one pill is sufficient for sun protection.

Removes Dark Circles & Bags Under Eyes

One of the most irritating things that the sun does to us is pigmentation under the eyes. Due to high exposure to sun rays and UV radiation, the under-eye area becomes bluish. Further, this creates dark circles or bags that can reduce your appeal in no time. It also makes you look more tired and sleepy all the time. Overall, sun rays can accelerate the aging process and make you appear aged. Heliocare pills can prevent dark circles better than any sunscreen or UV-protected sunglasses.

It contains antioxidants that fight off the ill-effects of UV rays. Moreover, even the under-eye bags are well taken care of by these miraculous supplements.

Prevents Heat Rashes Or Marks


How many times have you experienced a sin rash after a long, sunny day? Probably a lot! Another disadvantage of prolonged sun exposure is the formation of rashes and ulcers. Due to excessive sweating, friction between your skin elevates. This leads to heat rashes that can be quite painful to touch. You can completely stop these rashes from developing with heliocare pills. Just consume the prescribed dose before going out of the house. It works by slowing down the perspiration which, in turn, reduces the friction between skin.

Keep your skin healthy and lustrous by incorporating these supplements in your diet today. Also, don’t forget to consume them daily.

Say No To Skin Cancers & Related Malignancies


Excessive exposure to the sun can also cause specific life-threatening ailments. UV radiation is one of the significant causes of skin cancers. Apart from this, it also leads to other malignancies secondary to skin tumors. Keep cancer away by altering your physiological processes with heliocare pills. These miraculous supplements potentially reduce the effects of radiation on your skin. Further, it eliminates any excessive growth of the skin cells.

Always look out for sun-protection in the best possible manner. You can find a couple of supplements with some UV-protected glasses for additional advantage. Along with this, the supplements also reduce the occurrence of lupus and solar urticaria.

Covers Areas Left Unprotected By Sunscreen

You can’t apply sunscreen or any other UV-protected cream to every part of your body. Some areas like your scalp and neck suffer from major UV rays and their effects. You can keep them intact and healthy by consuming regular heliocare pills. One additional benefit of such supplements is that they are purely vegan. Also, the gluten-free nature of these pills makes them appropriate for consumption even when on a diet. Fetch these pills right away for instant positive effects.

Stick to glowing skin and regular skincare with the supplements and add-on the sunscreen for better results. Also, the benefits won’t disappear while swimming, bathing or due to rain. This makes the supplements even more reliable and top-notch. Buy the pills today and enhance the skin in no time.

Final Verdict

Reduce the fine lines, wrinkles as well as dark spots with this sorted sun-protection supplement. These pills can limit the production of free radicals and ensure better cleansing. Along with this, they potentially reduce any after-effects of the sun’s exposure in the best possible manner. You can also prevent severe skin cancers and other diseases like lupus and solar urticaria. Not only does this make you appear younger, but also protect the areas that are unreachable by sunscreen. Couple up the supplements with sunscreen and UV-protected glasses for an even better glow. So, get the supplements today and shine like a star for eternity.


Author Bio:

Emma Gill is a passionate writer & guest blogger. Writing helps her to improve her knowledge, skills & understanding about the specific industry. She loves writing & sharing her knowledge, she is currently working with “elitetechgarage” who deal with garage door repairs. Apart from writing, she loves traveling & cooking.


Business and Management

Latest Innovations to Transform Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Landscape

Alexandru Marginean



Reading Time: 5 minutes

Revenue cycle management, better known as RCM, is a business process that allows healthcare companies to be paid for providing services. For most healthcare service providers, RCM is available right from the process of pre-registering a patient all the way through the collection of final payment. Efficiency and time management play vital roles in RCM. A healthcare provider’s choice of electronic health record (EHR) can often be largely centered on how its RCM is deployed.

The implementation of RCM in a particular healthcare company is a lengthy process. The company has to submit all the documents of its patient to the in-house staff or RCM vendor, who will then code the charts according to the ICD-10 CM. Afterward, the claims are posted, submitted, and adjudicated by the payer. If a claim is rejected, steps are taken to resubmit and adjust it before the deadline of appeal. Then the patient cycle is initiated if there is a patient responsibility portion following adjudication. Nowadays, numerous RCM vendors are providing coding benchmarking, managed-care contracting, analytics, and coding education services to capture all the earned revenue for a practice. No matter the size of a hospital, health system, or practice, failure to prioritize and maintain revenue collection efforts and RCM can hinder growth, create an uncertain financial failure, and increase operational risk.

As per Fortune Business Insights the market is anticipated to reach USD 216,990.6 Million by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 12.4% in the forecast period. But, the RCM market was valued at USD 86,811.4 Million in 2018.

Why is Revenue Cycle Management a Complex Procedure?

The focus of several healthcare service providers is on offering top-notch care to their growing patient population. However, attention must also be paid to the financial solvency of the business to make sure that a hospital will be able to provide the same level of care in the upcoming years. Doctors and physicians are persistently faced with the challenge of providing cost-effective care to the patients while witnessing annual increase in administrative and care-delivery costs. Maintaining healthy accounts, preventing and reducing unpaid claims, reducing inefficient billing and coding processes, and enhancing point-of-service collections can severely impact profit margins.

The task of preventing unpaid claims to witness the greatest profit margins is strenuous, considering the nature of healthcare. The healthcare sector is complex as the price to offer services is shouldered by the organizations even before those services are paid either by the patient or the insurance companies. But the claims process is time-consuming. It can take months before a bill is paid in full. According to a survey, more than 95% of medical practice leaders reported inadequate billing processes. The majority of the leaders executed backup efforts to resolve the process by the end of the year. Besides, an inclination towards direct patient responsibility with high deductible health plans from commercial payer reimbursement supports the fact that healthcare service providers must closely examine their RCM and evaluate the methods to achieve multiple benefits.

Key Industry Developments

A rise in the adoption and usage of novel technologies have aided the prominent players in acquiring a lucrative revenue since the past few years. The utilization of RCM software solutions has supported several companies on a global scale. This article further provides insights into a few of the key developments that have recently occurred in the revenue cycle management industry.

Homecare Homebase Launches its New Revenue Cycle Management Service

Homecare Homebase, LLC, a developer of mobile software solutions for home health and hospice agencies, headquartered in Dallas, announced the launch of its new RCM service in June 2019. The latest RCM service is providing part of the organization’s HCHB services suite, a collection of technology-driven services that are designed to reduce the burden of time-consuming administrative operations. Moreover, it reduces in-house billing staff of the agencies by transferring the lion’s share of the collection tasks and administrative billing to a highly skilled team of billing experts.

Additionally, it offers more clarity into the often opaque RCM process for managing agencies through the use of the company’s dashboards and analytics. Homecare’s new service provides an extraordinary return on investment as several agencies are ready to leave money on the table. They are often not ready to spend the time required to resolve all the billing issues. The company’s extensive knowledge and expertise of billing will put it in a unique position.

Apprio, Inc. Unveils its New Commercial Health Unit Named ApprioHealth

In March 2019, Apprio, Inc., a provider of specialized technology solutions, based in Washington, D.C., unveiled its new, commercially focused business unit called ApprioHealth. The unit is aimed to fulfill the revenue cycle management requirements of health systems and hospitals. It will be led by Donny Zamora, who will be the division’s president. ApprioHealth will provide advanced technological solutions and services catered to the needs of the healthcare providers’ revenue cycle. The unit is a perfect blend of Apprio’s highly skilled revenue cycle management team and 20 years of technology experience. The main aim of the new division is to transform the way health systems and hospitals use technology to maximize revenue from existing payers as well as to register patients in the available coverage options.

Into the Future of Revenue Cycle Management Industry

With susceptible relationships enter new challenges that require attention. Payers have to prioritize individuals as buyers of healthcare coverage and healthcare due to the increasing exchanges in ways that they may not have focused as acutely in the past. The future of RCM is fully entangled with the idea of a more accountable customer. Payers are taking multiple actions to prevent and minimize financial glitches. The industry will exhibit a more consumer-centric approach. It would occur as patients are now responsible for a significant part of healthcare revenue due to a rise in the number of high-deductible health plans.

Accenture had surveyed approximately 2,000 consumers regarding medical bill payment. As per the survey, nearly 40% of the consumers mentioned that they would pay their medical bills in advance if they knew the cost beforehand. To increase the likelihood that patients will pay the bills and to guard their revenue streams, hospitals and healthcare companies are likely to maintain their consumer-friendly transparency in the future.





About the author: Reeti Banerjee is currently working as a content writer in a prominent market research firm named Fortune Business Insights. She specializes in writing articles, press releases, blogs, and news reports. She believes in maintaining simplicity throughout her content to provide the clients with a seamless reading experience. Reeti Banerjee on Linkedin

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Health and Lifestyle

Solo female travel tips

Alexandru Marginean



Reading Time: 4 minutes

Whenever people talk of trips, it is always about family, friends, or couples’ affair. Very few people think about traveling solo. What you don’t know is that there are so many places you can go as a solo female traveler and still have absolute fun. You, however, need to have some strategies as well as some tips that should guide you through the preparations and traveling. Some of the best tips for a female solo traveler include:

Walk among people

As a single female traveler, make sure that you walk among people and not alone. Avoid lonely places as much as possible and only stick to crowded locations. That is why it is essential that you go ahead and book tours, take group hikes and do other activities that involve plenty of people. It is by far among the crucial tips for solo female travelers. It is a tip that guarantees your safety in foreign places.


Study the site comprehensively

There is no better way to understand what you are about to deal with other than studying the area comprehensively. Some of the best ways to do this are by doing your research and asking questions in forums. You need to know if the security is tight, are there any places you should avoid and if you are a partying enthusiast, is there a safe club that is commendable. You also need to find out some of the best restaurants to be sure of where to stay and how well to get there. Make sure you include google maps on your research resources.

Avoid Excessively Drinking

Taking care of yourself throughout the trip is very important. The first thing to ensure your safety is to avoid getting drunk heavily in a foreign country. One should drink responsibly and in permissible limits when traveling solo. It not only keeps you secure but also to ensure you are aware of your surrounding.

Book your hotel in Advance

It is not only an excellent traveling tip for solo female travelers but also for other travelers. You have no idea what time you are going to arrive in the area. That means you have to leave your home with hotel reservations. That way, if you happen to arrive late, you don’t have to worry about having problems finding a place to sleep in a foreign city. It is also crucial that you pay attention to which hotel you are booking. Make sure it has everything you need to have a great stay. It should be completely accessible with all the facilities necessary.


Carry less luggage

Packing light is mandatory to any traveler especially if you are a solo female traveler visiting a foreign country. Only pack the clothes you are going to use. There is no need for packing extra items or so many outfits to show off your wardrobe. This is likely going to give you a tough time maneuvering in the streets and accessing different locations. It becomes even worse if you arrive late and have no reservations. So only consider carrying your clothes in backpacks, light suitcases, shoulder straps or duffle bags. Such bags have enough room to hold all your clothes and also ensures you have an easy time accessing different locations in the area.


Don’t post everything on social media

Social media can be a huge disappointment, especially if you misuse it during your travels. One of the best tips on how to keep safe as a solo female traveler is to be smart about what you post. Some people spend their time tracking foreign travelers, and they only use social media to track your movement. That means that you have to be extra careful about your posts. It is advisable only to post something after you leave a particular location. You can also do it every evening in your room where you are safe. That way no one gets to have a real-time location of your whereabouts.


Notify your family about your plans

The first thing you should do is notify your family members about your plans to travel solo. You should then go ahead and update them every day to keep them abreast of your whereabouts. This is so that in case something happens, they know exactly where to start looking. It also enables them to handle the matter at hand swiftly and quickly. It is by far, one of the best ways to keep safe.

Blend in

Lastly, try your best to blend in with the locals. You can do this by wearing the type of clothes they are wearing or enjoying a glass of Courvoisier with them. By doing so, you also get to walk around without drawing attention to yourself, thus ensuring your absolute safety.


With the above tips, you have a chance to have fun as a solo female traveler. It is also the only way you can enjoy your trip without worrying about your safety. Make sure you study your destination and that you have everything you need for your journey. Carry your phone, a map and your passport everywhere you go for easy identification.


About the author: Jessica Smith has been writing for a few years now. She loves adventure, traveling, cooking and dancing. She wants to be a successful writer as writing is her only passion. Currently, she is exploring different cultural heritage around the globe. She believes that a healthy diet is a key to healthy living.

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4th of July – Nutritional Products International Celebrates American Expansion Just in Time

Betty Tűndik



Mitch Gould, the founder of NPI, is a third-generation retail distribution and manufacturing professional. Gould, known as a global marketing guru, has represented icons from the sports and entertainment worlds such as Steven Seagal, Hulk Hogan, Ronnie Coleman, Roberto Clemente Jr., Chuck Liddell, and Wayne Gretzky. Gould is internationally-known for his “evolution of distribution” system, which helps health and wellness companies enter or expand into the U.S. market.
Reading Time: 1 minute



Nutritional Products International announced its planned U.S. expansion just as America celebrates its 243rd birthday on July 4.

NPI is a family-owned business in Boca Raton that has helped countless international and domestic health and wellness companies find their niche at major retailers throughout the U.S.

“For the past year, we have been implementing a strategic expansion plan for our domestic portfolio,” said Mitch Gould, president and co-founder of NPI. “NPI has traditionally concentrated on helping international health and wellness companies, which want to enter the U.S. market. Now, we have expanded our development team, and hired additional marketing professionals in public relations and online marketing to meet the needs of our new domestic clients.”

Gould is a third-generation retail professional who is internationally-known for his “evolution of distribution” system, which helps health and wellness companies enter or expand into the U.S. market. “We are a one-stop global brand marketing company. We have the staff to make sure your products are FDA-compliant, a warehouse for storage and distribution, and a marketing team that knows how to reach the American consumer.”

Gould’s vice president, Jeff Fernandez, also brings 30 years of retail marketing experience to NPI’s clients. Fernandez helped create the health and wellness category at Amazon and was a long-time buyer at WalMart.

“This is a special time for NPI,” Fernandez said. “Our global team is working round-the-clock to help health and wellness companies expand their distribution network and increase sales.”




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