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Everything which is green is actually healthy ?!

We know that avocado is more than a food, actually is a superfood with great values. I used to make from avocados not just excellent veggie recipes, but also raw vegan desserts. It is absolutely amazing and a cook can “work” very easy with the texture.

Avocados are a rich source of essential fatty acids, but the benefits they pose to health come from many other important nutritional properties.

Avocado is a fruit belonging to the Lauraceae family, alongside other flower plants such as camphor, cinnamon or bay. The thick consistency of the pulp and the specific flavor of avocado make it similar to oleaginous fruits such as nuts and seeds. The scientific name of the fruit is American Persea.(Persea Amercana).

The avocado fruit turns dark green or dark purple when it is baking, and inside it has a brown wood-like seed. Each fruit weighs around 300-700 g.

Scientists have discovered, in their studies on the benefits of avocado fruit, that they have a protective role against cardiovascular disease, help control body weight and improve the body’s ability to absorb important nutrients from food in optimal parameters.

Besides that is full of minerals, vitamins, it has mostly all of a Whole Food properties in its chemical composition, contains sulfur/sulphur.

Not so many food contains this crucial element, which has strong anti bacterial properties. However, we can mention some high-sulfur compound food, like cabbage, nuts and hazelnuts, onion, garlic, spinach leaves, all green leaves (tree leaves, why not) and of course avocado. Sulfur helps the cells to make proteins, which is very important, also helps in issues with blood sugar, it is actually a pain reliever and prevent cell damages; it is a big help in the circular and vascular system in the body.

According to Dr. Mercola “Sulfur may be referred to as a somewhat “forgotten” mineral that you don’t hear mentioned very often, but it’s very important for optimal body function. Scientists are now saying it’s possible you’re not getting enough sulfur in your diet, in spite of the fact that it’s found in so many foods.”

This video gave me appetence to consume more avocados, it is well crocheted with basic information we need about Avocado:

Talking about the Sulfur, we mentioned largely only 1 single precious ingredient of avocados, just to have an idea, what kind of food we are talking about.

Anyway, green means life, for me, especially all green colored foods and herbs has a deeper meaning, as our Heart Chakra is Green as well. Being “green” and eating “green” means LOVE, both, for the body and the soul, not to mention the positive impact on the environment and the whole Universe. Everything is bounded, so it counts not just the “engine” of the physical body, but the mental in the Universal broadcast, and vice versa.

We know that this superfood, called avocado, as the Great Raw Vegan Nutritionist, Entrepreneur and Author David Wolfe calls himself “Avocado”; is tasty and light, but its value is very well appreciated in a country which actually produce it.

We are talking about Colombia.

This country is very famous about drugs, illegal things and other issues, but it has another positive “issue”, besides so many, avocados and great food and recipes, which are not so well known by the large public. Colombia is at the 4th place in the World in avocado production.

We’ve just found out that Colombia and with their big avocado suppliers has joined the prestigious “World Avocado Organization”, which promotes the consumption of this great food. At the annual trade show, called “Asia Fruit Logistica”, which is the most important one in Asia for fruits and vegetables, Colombia was welcomed to WAO.

Zac Bard, Chairman of WAO said:

“We are delighted that Colombia joins WAO and look forward to working together to supply the European avocado market, which has been soaring over the last few years. We are pleased to replicate the programs WAO has implemented in Europe during the fall and winter months together with the Colombian Hass avocado sector,”

Other countries which are part of this organization are: Spain, Peru, Mexico, Zimbabwe, United States, South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania.

This can cover not just the American, African, Asian continents, but also Europe. The consumption in Europe has grown, in 2017 were sold 510 million kilos of avocados. This means, people are open-minded in using and eating Avocados. Salty or sweet, Avocados will not let you down.

The following website is incredible, and has lots of information about avocados, healthy recipes which makes you lighter and smarter. They called Avocado, “The fruit of Life”: