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Chakras are elements for Life.

We can heal ourselves through chakra meditation, chakra food, chakra purification etc., but how about using specific jewelries which are beneficial for our body and can help in the process of chakra healing.

bellabeat is a specialized Company in the Wellness Industry.

Their smart jewelries are made to improve well-being in female’s lives.

They are talking about physical wellness and well-being, and also mental and spiritual rejuvenation.

Their new product was launched to maintain the energetic body, adding the healing effects of crystals. The newly launched “Leaf Chakra” it’s an unique wellness tracker for the energy points of the body(Chakras).

It is a new innovative technology used to make those gemstones and crystals to heal, to purify and to de-block those energetic points.

bellabeat’s CCO and Co-Founder Urska Srsen said:

“At Bellabeat we are aware of how stress can affect our lifestyle and wellbeing. There is constant pressure to do better, be more energetic and look our best, We wanted Leaf Chakra to serve as a special guide for the user to track his or her health and to discover the best meditation technique to add balance while opening his or her specific chakra energy.”

They use an app to track, which collects data and after that determines the user’s overall energetic state and then provides the overall techniques, which are the best for the user.

They use Rose Quartz crystal, which is the Heart Chakra crystal and in general it helps to “open your heart”, but also has many other good effects on the body.

This can help to harmonize the whole body and will also help us to sleep better. More, in my opinion can help in physical Heart problems & Circulatory System and other diseases which are connected together.

The other used crystal is Onyx, which, as we know from crystal therapy, it is used in protection and gives us power and energy.

This will absorb all the negativism, including any kind of stress that we accumulate in our daily lives.