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The forward-thinker behind Times Square Interactive Campaign


NEW YORK, July 30, 2018  — Celebrating 10th years anniversary, Tiger Party, the leading interactive solution company, first time reveals the know-how of the interactive experience in Times Square. Tiger Party, not only has it become one of the largest digital signage vendors, it is also the major provider of all interactive advertisements in Times Square. Unlike common marketing agencies, Tiger Party provides its renowned clients around the globe customized digital interactive solutions with its own technical advantage. Tiger Party shares “#AerieREAL summer solstice International Yoga Day Campaign” just finished, and other three inspiring cases, which are “Heart of Asia interactive sensory and VR event” for Taiwan Tourism Bureau, “2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games Campaign”, and the Times Square “New Year’s Eve” event for each year that attract billion of viewers and millions of participants. It demonstrates how to “Do Bigger Things” at Times Square, creating global buzz with its big ideas and powerful impact. Social networks are connected through moving images across multiple screens, linking up online and offline consumers, creating unique experiences in marketing, while improving brands’ popularity with users, and closing the gap between the audience and brands.

From Brand Experience and Activation Lions newly included in this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, it can be observed that the Customer Brand Experience Journey has become a critical standard of the industry. It is important to encourage customers to fully participate in the brand experience. Brand preference can be built through direct experience. Rafale Chang, founder and CEO of Tiger Party, who has years of experience in interactive technology and consumer behavior, believes that “On the condition of following the latest industrial trend, increasing brand affinity while maintaining the price-performance ratio, the whole brand experience with full of surprise is the key. Furthermore, creating individual memories for consumers is essential to increase brand preference. This is due to the fact that existence may transcend to participation.” He further elaborates on the key to inspire global buzz. “Once the brand has grown to a certain level, one may contemplate how to use the unique geographic condition of Times Square. Numerous global tourists shape Times Square into an extraordinary international stage and the quickest method for global advertisement. Under many years of collaboration with brand marketing teams, I have observed that when the interactive advertisement is well-established, one may generate one of a kind of collective memories at Times Square, and spread it around the globe.

Use Hashtag# To Encourage Participation, While Maintaining Social Influence of The Brand

One has to use the popular social network and invite fans to participate in online and offsite events of brands. Through a Social Moderation Platform developed by Tiger Party, one may locate contents with the event hashtag from the public information of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. After the evaluation by the brand manager, User Generated Content will be projected instantly to Times Square, while the system broadcasts the footage back to participants. It generates exclusive interaction and also breaks regional bounds, enabling global consumers to exhibit their personal memory in Times Square on social network. 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics Campaign and #AerieREAL summer solstice International Yoga Day Campaign which have just concluded both utilized this strategy in generated interactions with consumers. In #AerieREAL yoga event, Social Moderation Platform of Tiger Party received 3508 feeds tagged with #AerieREAL in four hours. Over hundreds of users had participated in the broadcast, creating an irreplaceable brand memory.

National Brand: Heart of Asia Interactive Sensory and VR Event

With advanced software and hardware, Tiger Party has designed exclusive interactive events for the Taiwan Tourism Bureau through utilization of a motion detection system. When citizens from New York and Taipei formed their arms into heart shapes via an interactive billboard at Times Square, special fireworks effects were triggered, while the screen broadcast a promotional video for tourism in Taiwan. Showcasing well-known tourist sites in Taiwan through an immersive VR bicycle experience also provided participants with a simple and interesting opportunity to experience bike riding in Taiwan. The scenery was also projected at Times Square via AR technology, which advertises the unique attractions of Taiwan to visitors to Times Square. Such events not only become well-known in the social network, but also successfully convey the national image of “Taiwan-The Heart of Asia” to the American market. Joint Heart Times Square Event Video:

VR Bike Event Video:

Tiger Party Accompanies Brands 24/7

New Year’s Eve party at Times Square has always been the No.1 battlefield for brand marketing each year. Over the past ten years, Tiger Party has carried the responsibility to support countdown and connect live-feed crossing multiple screens on Times Square, streaming performances on the stage, presenting the production of brands to merrymaking crowds, and welcoming the coming of the new year with the audience.

According to the latest data from the Times Square Alliance, Times Square receives over one hundred and thirty million visitors per year, while more than three hundred fifty thousand people enter it daily. It is a popular zone in Manhattan, and is referred to as the crossroads of the world. The main reason for Times Square’s popularity is its glamorous electronic signboards. Over 47% of visitors share their experiences in Times Square on social network. Rafale reflects, “Combining various aspects of promotion, brands may lure people to seek more information at the official websites. Digital interactive signage at the event also provides high entertainment value, participation, and excellent visual effects, granting the public unique individual experiences. It not only enhances consumers’ recognition of the brand but also their willingness to share their experience with the brand on their social network. Such social interaction could influence their acquaintances around the globe while increasing the reach of the creative campaign. Through behind the scenes video, brands can amplify the impact through second communication through the Internet, going viral on the result of the event within a reasonable budget, while breaking into the international market.”

About Tiger Party:

Tiger Party, a full-service design & development company specializing in the Digital Interactive Domain which encompasses mobile apps, touch-screen interfaces for kiosks, websites and Digital Signage.

Based in New York City and has 10 years of experience in providing the digital marketing solution, designing complete user interactions and developing complex technical solutions for a number of the world-class brands including Infiniti, ABC, PEPSI, Mercedes Benz, MTV and World Bank Group.

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