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FBSciences’ SuperSede™ seed treatment product line was named one of the ten most innovative products of 2021 by Seed World. In selecting the winners, Seed World considered the impact on ROI for growers, as well as the societal impact, market potential and uniqueness of the product in the marketplace. Seed World described the winners as “potential game-changers” and highlighted the innovative qualities of each product.

The SuperSede product line is a series of crop-specific food and biostimulant seed treatments. It includes SuperSede corn, small grains, soybeans and cotton, and will soon include peanuts and potatoes. SuperSede products combine the power of FBSciences’ highly bioactive and concentrated biostimulant FBS Transit® with specific nutrients that act as a synergistic catalyst to give the plant an extra boost and maximize the genetic potential of the seed in the growing environment, resulting in faster and more uniform germination. FBS Transit’s high level of bioactivity and concentration allows for consistent performance and low application rates, which are critical for seed treatments where seed space is at a premium.

FBSciences has a long history of seed treatment research and innovation. With more than 1600 trials in 15 years of research, 40% of which focused on seed treatment, FBSciences has proven the efficacy of its technologies and products. In a recent bioassay with cotton, a notoriously difficult early-season crop, seed treated with SuperSede Cotton showed a germination rate of 96.6%, compared to 83.0% for the control group.

“We believe that SuperSede, and biostimulants as a wider input category, will change the way growers and seed companies approach their seed treatment decisions,” stated Courtenay Wolfe, Chair and CEO of FBSciences. “By prioritizing consistent, positive performance with sustainable, climate-smart formulations, FBSciences’ SuperSede line leads the way in maximizing the genetic potential of the seed and delivering ROI for growers while transforming agriculture sustainably.”