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Tive, a leading provider of real-time in-transit visibility, has partnered with Shipware, a leading provider of audit and consulting services that guarantees to reduce shipping costs for shippers and third-party logistics providers without disrupting ongoing operations. Tive and Shipware bring hyper-precise, real-time location and condition data and real-time alerts to Shipware’s suite of cost-saving solutions, providing their joint customers with enhanced cost reduction and loss prevention solutions across the supply chain.

Logistics professionals face the challenge of optimizing operational efficiencies while reducing overhead costs to increase the resilience of their overall supply chains. Shipware provides customers with end-to-end analysis and recommendations for the best solutions guaranteed to reduce parcel and LTL shipping costs by 10% to 30%. Tive’s tracking solution enables shippers to monitor the location and condition of their shipments in real-time to proactively contain unexpected discrepancies, delays or damaging environmental conditions, reducing product loss, damage and demurrage.

“We are always looking for ways to add additional value to our client’s entire supply chain. Tive helps fill an important role in the tracking and visibility of OTR shipments to ensure goods and products make it to the final destination. This has become more and more important with the current state of global supply chains to prevent massive loss or theft of goods and provide realistic delivery times to customers,” said Rob Martinex, DLP, Founder and co-CEO of Shipware. “Combined with Shipware’s services for parcel and LTL delivery in the domestic US, Tive and Shipware together provide holistic tracking of an organization’s supply chain.”

“Tive is committed to seeing that customers’ shipments are delivered on time and in full. As we expand to LTL and parcel shipments, it was natural to partner with Shipware, which is focused on operational efficiency and reducing costs associated with loss and damage,” said Tive CEO and Founder Krenar Komoni. “We look forward to contributing real-time data to Shipware’s set of cost-saving solutions and providing superior service to our shared customers through this partnership.”