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Bisonic Inc. (, a company backed by industry veterans Maximum Games, has reached an agreement with Austin and Los Angeles-based Magic Machine to expand its digital content and NFT brand Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult. The two companies will build a true interactive Web3 fantasy MMO with sandbox elements that will become a hub for a variety of games and experiences. Players will own land, socialize, gather resources, craft items, create history, battle legendary beasts, and embark on epic quests. The game will be supported by key on-chain elements that provide dynamic features that allow players to create and coin their own NFTs. These NFTs will be used and sold both in-game and on third-party marketplaces such as Opensea or the upcoming Coinbase NFT platform. The Metaverse will expand the story-based “Runiverse” into the interactive realm, increasing the reach and awareness of the already thriving cult of wizards. A private and public land sale is planned soon, allowing anyone to own a corner of this soon-to-be-realized world.

The Bisonic team has decades of experience producing, publishing and developing games such as Elder Scrolls Online, Diablo, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Far Cry 3, Rainbow 6 Siege, Batman Arkham Origins, Killer Instinct, Street Fighter and more. The expertise of both companies will allow the Forgotten Runes community to play solo or in groups, creating a nearly limitless experience where everyone can create their own fantasy life through the “Create to Earn” mechanic.

Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult launched in July 2021 with 10,000 NFT’s and sold out in less than 30 minutes. Made up of avid fans of magic, the occult, and fantasy, the community is part of a creative collective of passionate owners who are building one of the most engaged NFT communities in the field through art, lore, and deep social interaction.

“We entered into this alliance with Magic Machine as we firmly believe that the world they have created with Forgotten Runes and their community of holders has great opportunity to expand via gaming. They have unique thoughts on how to engage fantasy/wizardry fans in a way we have never seen and look forward to growing the story lines and community through many forms and functions gaming provides to new and existing fans of the property,” stated Jeldor, co-founder of Bisonic Inc.

“Bisonic understood our brand, community and culture with immediacy.  We know we have the right partners to expand the Wizards’s Cult. Their creativity and our knowledge in crypto/NFT space makes for a potent partnership in creating a metaverse that defines what web3 games are capable of.  We see ourselves as ahead of the curve and this game is proof along with our TV show, comic, and forthcoming Derivative Art DAO.  We are here to stay and as committed as ever to exploring the boundaries of gaming and beyond within the world our holders and community are continuously building,” said Dotta and Elf Trul, founders of Magic Machine and creators of Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult.

Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult is a collaborative Legendarium based on blockchain technology. Wizard owners own their characters and can embody their wizards through the creative community. This is roleplaying on a whole new level of authenticity and intimacy, helping to increase and strengthen the emotional connection within the community and the characters developed by the owners. The intention is to involve the Wizards in as many mediums as possible to expand the community and culture that is developing. Highlights of the past few months include a TV development contract with Titmouse Animation (BIG MOUTH), the creation of the “Book of Lore” (On-Chain Lore Scribing), the start of production of a 10-part comic series, the creation of a derivative art based DAO and one of the first projects to partner with Coinbase NFT for exclusive drops.

Magic Machine’s model is to turn old media and IP ownership on its head by granting its wizards commercial rights to content and IP. In the short time since its inception, the Forgotten Runes community has become one of the most engaged and creative in the NFT space, with art, poems, and animations created daily by fans and owners. Where other brands allow consumers to be fans of the work, Forgotten Runes NFT owners personally identify as their wizards.

Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult games will launch in 2022 with games, interactive creative tools, and an in-game NFT marketplace unique to the game and plot. The first public land sale will take place in Q1 2022 at, with more details to be announced soon. For news and updates, follow us on Twitter, join our Discord, or sign up for updates at