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Matchmoving is preparing a video sequence to be filmed against a pre-visualized background. It’s the process of digitally matching the live-action footage to the background image. This process is mostly used in live action visual effects and filmmaking. This and other leading advancements in VFX will be in the spotlight at IndiaJoy 2021 virtual summit which begins on 16th November 2021.

The matchmove can be done by hand or with computer algorithms. A digital camera data, also known as “marker data’s”, is used for this purpose. Motion capture is commonly used for matchmoving, but it isn’t always necessary when using software to generate 3D models of objects and environments.

Matchmover or mocap supervisor, performs this task on behalf of production companies who don’t have their own staff in house or who require specialized skills beyond their current capabilities.

Importance of Matchmoving in the VFX Industry

Matchmoving is the complex process of digitally altering the position, orientation, scale, and often camera parameters of a background plate to correspond exactly with that of the foreground object or scene being added.

As more animation is being done in 3D, matchmoving has become an indispensable part of producing computer-generated imagery. A matchmover moves objects in a scene to make them look realistic on camera even if they are not physically present.

Matchmove artists must also be able to create digital matte paintings or replace large amounts of live-action footage with computer generated images by manipulating the image plane in 2D or 3D space.

Matchmoving is a crucial and labour-intensive part of VFX which requires a significant number of technical skills. Back in 2005 we were able to win our first Indian customer. Since then, the number of Indian 3DE clients steadily grew each year.

“Today India has become a very important market for us – hundreds of Indian tracking artists are using 3DE on a daily basis with just a handful of globally operating VFX players alone. Not to speak of countless smaller shops. This fact is impressively demonstrated by the sheer number of Indian freelancers currently signed up on our website.” Rolf Schneider, CEO Science, Science-D-Visions, who will be delivering keynote at IndiaJoy 2021 says.

“The truth is that India has become the backbone of the international VFX scene throughout the last decade. Events like VFX Summit/IndiaJoy 2021 will further cement this position by bringing more artists and companies together!” Schneider adds.

Animation has come a long way to become the industry it is today. Before, animators had to work with what they were given, but now they can create entirely new worlds that are more immersive. One of the most revolutionary technological advancements for animation was Matchmoves. Matchmoves are computer generated motions that can be added onto an animated character in order to make the movement more realistic.

Matchmoves have been used to animate films like “The Incredibles” and “Toy Story”. This new technology also has many uses outside of animation as well. For example, it can be used for video games, military simulations, and medical terminology systems.

“In the past, larger than life storytelling involved complex processes and with a limited scope. VFX made this process less complicated and removed the limits for the scope and scale of the film. This gives the freedom to imagine anything to be told onscreen. Thus, VFX became an indispensable part of the industry, and the IndiaJoy summit helps filmmakers to become comfortable with VFX technologies.” Anil Paduri, VFX Producer/ Supervisor, and Film Director, key speaker at IndiaJoy 2021.

The growth of the VFX industry is also bringing in world leading authorities to network more often to exchange, share and further the business. Sameer Pitalwalla, Business Director- India/SEA, Epic Games is among those who believe to engage globally, “We are delighted to be associated with IndiaJoy as presenting partners for the IGDC and the VFX summit. This is a great platform for creators from different backgrounds to come together and provides an opportunity to network, learn and grow in a collaborative environment. We are thrilled to be a part of this mega event and we hope that it is an enriching experience for the attendees.”

“VFX enables filmmakers to enhance his story by bringing to life both believable and imaginary characters and Visuals. VFX Summit is a great platform for creators and filmmakers that brings them together and provides an opportunity to network, learn and grow in a collaborative environment. I am excited to be a part of this mega event.” Hemanth Madhukar, Film Writer Producer & Director, Key speaker at VFX Summit IndiaJoy 2021.

IndiaJoy in its fourth edition, the Asia’s biggest digital entertainment festival is all set to bring together businesses, business leaders, content creators, professionals across gaming, animation, digital media, and entertainment sectors and will feature VFX, OTT Pulse, Influencer Conference, and DesiToons. Click to free register to know and learn more about VFX sessions