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Lucy Tweed, an Earth scientist specializing in carbon capture and subsurface multiphase flow modeling, has joined Earth Fund to help find high-impact carbon capture projects for the DAO to support and fund.

Miami, Florida, United States, Nov. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lucy Tweed, an Earth scientist specializing in carbon capture and subsurface multiphase flow modeling, has joined Earth Fund to help find high-impact carbon capture projects for the DAO to support and fund.

Bringing her experience developing carbon capture methods through in-situ carbon mineralization with Columbia University — as well as the knowledge acquired during her Ph.D. and graduate studies at Cambridge and Columbia — Lucy joins Earth Fund just before they launch their token to help the DAO find carbon capture projects that deserve funding.

“I’m really excited to join Earth Fund as a Climate Science Advisor,” Lucy said. “As we’ve seen recently with COP26 — and from the authors of the latest IPCC report agree — we’re on course to see catastrophic climate changes in our lifetimes. Time is short and rather than waiting for people in power to act, we need the agility to harness the best ideas and mobilize actions at all scales. I chose to join Earth Fund because it takes the power and influence of things like COP26 and gives it to people who are genuinely passionate about finding and funding the kind of projects that can help reverse the effect humanity has had on the planet.”

In her role as Climate Science Advisor, Lucy will be helping the Earth Fund community find and vet carbon capture projects that can help make a real and immediate impact so the Earth Fund DAO can make sure its treasury is used for real, meaningful change.

“We know that millions of people around the world want to be doing more to help save the planet, but the climate system is complex and it’s easy to get intimidated by academic literature on the best ways to do it. And to make it even more confusing, it’s often the projects without the swankiest marketing or slickest branding that can make the biggest impact. My role is to use my experience and background to help the members of the Earth Fund DAO learn how to sort the good projects from the bad so they can make sure that the treasury goes to the projects that will make the biggest impact.”

The Earth Fund DAO, a decentralized community committed to making the world a better place, uses blockchain technology to bring together a community of people around the world and give them access to a communal treasury to fund world-changing projects, ranging from carbon capture to green tech to projects that focus on society, equality and public health.

“Bringing Lucy on board feels like the final piece of the Earth Fund puzzle,” Alex Vergara, Community and Communications Lead at Earth Fund said. “We’ve already brought together the smartest and well-qualified people we know to build and grow this project so that the community has the tools and the treasury it needs to really make a difference, now we want to empower our community to become experts in finding the kind of earth-changing projects that can have the biggest impact.

Having somebody like Lucy — a bonafide expert in all things climate change — to be in our Discord channels, in the DAO, and available to advise and answer questions is a huge step. It allows Earth Fund to become the platonic ideal for how we can work together to fight climate change: follow the science, vote transparently and democratically, prevent any outside influence, and fund the worthiest projects that can make the biggest impact.”

With the 1Earth token — the governance token that lets people join and participate in the DAO — launching in the very near future, Earth Fund has its sight set on achieving ambitious, planet-saving goals.

“Earth Fund has already helped double the impact of one carbon-capture project and remove over 850 tons of carbon from the atmosphere and it hasn’t even launched yet.” Lucy said. “I can’t wait to help the DAO find even more projects like OCO Crew to give grants to and start making a difference.”

The 1Earth token, which gives people the ability to join the Earth Fund team in the DAO and decide how the Earth Fund treasury is used, will start public sale in the very near future.

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