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KimJongMoon is emerging as a leading NFT amongst the crypto community as it comes with multiple unique features. Recently they have made the statement of launching its exclusive NFT collection and public presale on the 14th of November.

Toulouse, France , Nov. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NFT is a digital asset recorded on an Ethereum blockchain, though there are other blockchains. This also prevents NFTs from being destroyed, lost, or stolen. The blockchain can be used to prove the authenticity and ownership of the NFT. This process is quite similar to how blockchain is used for financial transactions or to track a supply chain. When traders buy an NFT, they essentially buy a digital token representing their ownership of the asset on the blockchain.

Keeping the intricacies of the crypto world in view, KimJongMoon initiates a distinct token for its valuable customers. Soon crypto world enthusiasts will buy their own KimJongMoon Club NFT through its upcoming NFT launch. In partnership with the IT agency VUSE, they are currently working on building a remarkable collection of unique and fun NFTs, released in the upcoming days.

Recently an announcement has been released that the KimJongMoon club is launching its exclusive NFT Collection on November 14. As well as a public presale for their token will stream live on November 17 at 5pm UTD.

The KimJongMoon Club is a programmatically generated Art from over 250 possible traits, including expression, headwear, clothing, and more. All NFT’s are dope, but some are rarer than others.

More than being a unique digital collectible, your KimJongMoon NFTs stand as their client’s KimJongMoon Club membership card, which will add value to their digital identity by providing: Firslty, access of The KimJongMoon Club discord channel, dedicated to NFT owners implying holders will need to connect their metamask to Discord. The KimJongMoon bot will verify that users own a KimJongMoon Club NFT. Secondly, accurate color and a badge are attached to the investors’ Discord user name, giving them a privileged status within The KimJongMoon Community.

More than those social benefits, owning a KimJongMoon NFT will provide multiple financial benefits. Their investors will benefit from a free KimJongMoon NFT airdrop which will have value in the secondary market. Moreover, they will be whitelisted into NFT projects launched through their NFT launchPad. Last but not least, traders will earn between 2-5% of the profit generated by the company’s own NFT launchPad.

Furthermore, the KimJongMoon NFTs will be stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Purchasing a KimJongMoon Club NFT will cost for whitelisted users 0.04 ETH (in order to be whitelisted you need to invite 5 friends to their Discord), for the 1st hour of drop it will cost 0.06 ETH and 0.08ETH for the rest of the day.

About KimJongMoon token, it’s a unique and fun asset on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. The theme of the token came from the idea that governments and banks should stay away from the finances and prosperity of ordinary people.

Determined investors are advised to join the launch as early as possible to enjoy the perks of KimJongMoon services. For more info, join the Kim-munity and Discord and travel to the Mars!


CONTACT: Name: Alex Becka
Email: [email protected]
Organization: KimJongMoon

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