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The gaming industry is a multi-billion-dollar market, growing year-on-year, with millions of monthly competitors streaming and playing online. With the launch of the next-generation consoles and a year of lockdown, online gaming grew massively, seeing a 39% increase. But, while hundreds of games are released every year, have you ever wondered which are the most popular in each US state?

By analyzing Google search volume and keywords data, a new report from has revealed the most loved games across all US states. The report highlights both the most popular games over the last 12 months and the most loved franchises over the last decade.

The Most Popular Games This Year

Taking the top spot for most popular game in the last year is the long-running PC game Roblox. Having millions of daily active users, the number one ranked game topped the charts in 20 US states, including Florida and California.

Lockdown crazes took over in the pandemic, with Among Us taking the gaming scene by storm. Released in 2018, the cross-platform game ranked second in the US, having 15 states name it their most popular video game. Minecraft, played by millions worldwide every month, secured third place and was favored by 11 states.

The Most Popular Franchises This Decade

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With regular reboots and relaunches, it’s no surprise that the 30-year-old hedgehog, Sonic, is the number one ranked franchise in the last decade – rated the most loved across nine states. Joining Sonic in the number one spot is Madden NFL. Launched in 1988, and also featuring in nine states, Madden NFL is by far the most popular sports game. Other loved franchises which made the list were Mario, Metal Gear and Tony Hawk’s.

The 30 most popular games included the 2018 and 2019 winner of the Best Ongoing Game, Fortnite, as well as various recent releases and ongoing games such as Apex Legends, Call of Duty Warzone, GTA V, and FIFA.

Below is a list of each state’s most popular game and franchise of the last year and decade, respectively:

State Most Popular Game (Year) Most Popular Franchise (Decade)
Alabama Roblox Sonic the Hedgehog
Alaska Roblox Pokémon
Arizona Among Us Metal Gear
Arkansas Minecraft Dragon Ball
California Roblox Metal Gear
Colorado Roblox Tony Hawk’s
Connecticut Roblox Mario
Delaware Among Us Madden NFL
District of Columbia Among Us Madden NFL
Florida Roblox Sonic the Hedgehog
Georgia Roblox Sonic the Hedgehog
Hawaii Genshin Impact Metal Gear
Idaho Minecraft Minecraft
Illinois Minecraft Mario
Indiana Roblox Mario
Iowa Minecraft Madden NFL
Kansas Genshin Impact Call of Duty
Kentucky Roblox NBA 2K
Louisiana Roblox Madden NFL
Maine Minecraft Mario
Maryland Among Us Sonic the Hedgehog
Massachusetts Among Us Tony Hawk’s
Michigan Among Us Mario
Minnesota Roblox Madden NFL
Mississippi Minecraft Sonic the Hedgehog
Missouri Roblox Call of Duty
Montana Among Us Sonic the Hedgehog
Nebraska Minecraft Mario
Nevada Roblox Metal Gear
New Hampshire Minecraft Tony Hawk’s
New Jersey Among Us Mario
New Mexico Minecraft God of War
New York Genshin Impact Metal Gear
North Carolina Among Us Sonic the Hedgehog
North Dakota Among Us Call of Duty
Ohio Among Us Madden NFL
Oklahoma Genshin Impact God of War
Oregon Roblox Tony Hawk’s
Pennsylvania Minecraft Madden NFL
Rhode Island Among Us Mario
South Carolina Roblox Sonic the Hedgehog
South Dakota Among Us Madden NFL
Tennessee Roblox God of War
Texas Roblox Sonic the Hedgehog
Utah Roblox Halo
Vermont Genshin Impact Battlefield
Virginia Among Us God of War
Washington Among Us Call of Duty
West Virginia Minecraft Metal Gear
Wisconsin Roblox Madden NFL
Wyoming Roblox Assassin’s Creed

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