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Meet our next guest, Leon Allen, from the second day of The Hipther Festival, who will express his opinion on cybersecurity and the steps one needs to take in case of a breach or cyber attack.

As Continent 8’s Cybersecurity Director, Leon oversees the full spectrum of security services including advanced cyber defence, applied cybersecurity solutions and managed security services. Leon leads the security innovation program at Continent 8 which discovers and delivers new and innovative cybersecurity technologies and techniques. He is a highly experienced IT professional with 17 years’ experience in the industry and holds a BEng degree in Software Engineering, an Information Security Master’s Degree from London’s City University and has recently embarked upon obtaining a PhD in the field of cybersecurity.

Tune in on the 9th of November to hear his discussion about  “CYBERSECURITY: AFTERMATH OF A BREACH”

HIPTHER FESTIVAL XXI will span over 5 days between 8-12 November, and the sessions can be joined via ZOOM, YouTube, or in NEOS Metaverse in collaboration with ViARsys.

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