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Casino sites are constantly undergoing significant modifications since society requires timely adaptation to the demands. Knowledgeable operators understand it and follow the latest global trends to appeal to their audiences.

The 2WinPower team has analyzed the entertainment shifts that happened in 2021. Those majorly were aspects that proceeded from the previous year, but their newly–acquired forms required particular attention for gaining the maximum advantage.

Growth of the Market on the Background of Changes

In 2017, the size of the iGaming sphere equaled around $46 billion. The expectation of the growth was assumed to be steady, but the influence of the Coronavirus made its modifications. In 3 years, the industry skyrocketed to a total GGR of almost $60 billion. With such an exponential rate, it is expected to grow to $93 billion by 2024.

Operators wisely rebuild and accommodate trends, obtaining their large market share in dedicated regions. Particular changes in the iGaming sphere have been reshaped by the pandemic. So, let us talk about the key shifts in internet gambling during 2021.

Mobile Casinos

The convenience of portable devices makes punters utilize them more in comparison to desktops. In 2021, the total amount of smartphone users worldwide reached 3.5 billion. Since half of the world’s population owns these gadgets, prospects for mobile casinos are obvious. In addition, the expenditures on purchasing such casino software rose to $106 million.

Bitcoin and Other Crypto Payments

The grounds for initial hesitation over this method in the industry is connected with punters’ uncertainty about the innovation. In 2021 though, players became more used to the digital way of depositing and withdrawing.

Compared to fiat money, cryptocurrency tokens are:

  • much more convenient to use in an online environment;
  • possess a lot wider coverage of their utilization;
  • are challenged with fewer regulatory requirements.

2021 has become a year of cryptocurrencies in the entire world, and the iGaming industry has experienced a significant uplift in favorability to players.

Better Focus on New Markets

2021 became the year of iGaming expansion. The recently amended rules of numerous European, Asian, and American countries incentivize operators to move to new zones. Considering that the possibility to obtain an overseas licence and target almost any region in the world is open, there are hardly any boundaries for entrepreneurs.

Competitive Operation

Online casinos are prepared to face the rivalry. In 2021, new sites appeared more often in comparison to previous years, mainly due to the following reasons:

  1. A straightforward organizational process. Compared to land-based casinos, it is much easier to found a gaming site.
  2. Increased profitability. Huge levels of income in the industry in 2020 attracted more investors.
  3. Post pandemic recovery. More venues that were previously under financial constraints resumed their operation and began working in the iGaming direction.

Growth of Streaming

Portals like Twitch have become popular due to the ability to make money playing games while interacting with the public. This increases the amount of bets to impress and retain fans. Mobile streaming, which is currently underdeveloped, is expected to continue growing the year after.

The 2WinPower company has predicted such changes due to our comprehensive analytical department. Those clients who have placed orders in the previous year (including franchising and White label casinos) are now successful owners of profitable platforms. Contact our company and request additional information as well as the necessary solutions to buy.