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The former Facebook executive will rely on the tool to launch his upcoming book

Auckland, NZ, Oct. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CENNZnet has announced the launch of Litho, an NFT aggregator, minter, and marketplace. As the world’s only native, permissionless, user-first blockchain, the project will now expand its capabilities to provide the best user experience for NFT collectors, artists, investors, and enthusiasts who are involved with this new asset class.

The launch of Litho will coincide with the first ever minted book and publishing rights by creative genius, Andy Blood. The fearless creator, ex-Facebook Creative Strategist, former World’s Most Highly Awarded Executive Creative Director, and triple Cannes Grand prix winner, will publish his book ‘Full Bleed’ on October 28th as a series of NFTs exclusively on Litho. It is already available for pre-order.

In keeping with the subject of creativity, Full Bleed will test the boundaries of how we publish and consume content. Blood’s book will be available in three ‘Metaversions’ with each one conferring a right to publish to its owner. Raising the question: is this a book, an artefact, or a publishing deal?

“NFTs are an important part of the future of blockchain. We want to make sure that our solutions include tools that allow our users to participate in these markets easily and without any prior expertise. Litho will be a great addition to the comprehensive list of use cases and applications being built on CENNZnet and Andy’s book will be the perfect test for it.” – CENNZnet CEO Nicole Upchurch.

The team behind Litho has been working with leading artists who will mint their pieces on the network. Likewise, Litho relies on a sophisticated royalty distribution system that ensures these minters are able to participate in the value of their work. It also counts on an easy to use interface that allows these creators and investors to take advantage of the service with no technical knowledge of smart contracts required. All while keeping gas fees low and offering them an affordable tool.

The launch dovetails with CENNZnet’s recent commitments to the expansion of its user-oriented ecosystem. The platform empowers developers with ready-made solutions such as plug-and-play runtime modules, point-and-click NFTs, a doughnut protocol, and a dual token economy in order to quickly execute on their best ideas. It has also hosted hackathons and awarded grants to the best startups building on its network.

About CENNZnet

CENNZnet is a public blockchain and Decentralised Application platform that puts great user experience first and is part of the Centrality ecosystem. It supplies startups with the tools and resources that they will need to build a blockchain Dapp including wallet, identity, exchange, messaging.

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