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SINGAPORE, Oct. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, MonsterIsland has announced its Play-To-Earn platform and the upcoming ICO. NFT gaming and “play to earn” model is one of the hottest new trends to develop from the crypto industry, blending decentralized finance and nonfungible tokens with blockchain-based online games. For players and investors in this type of projects, MonsterIsland is one of the new and hottest projects currently available. 

What is MonsterIsland?

MonsterIsland is a decentralized ecosystem whose goal is to promote the development of MonsterIsland Game. Inspired by the movie Kong Island, MonsterIsland is developed as a NFT play-to-earn metaverse. The game purpose is to build a 3D magical world with beautiful graphics technology and conquer even the most demanding eyes.


We are going to create the full digital island, making the monsters and eggs profitable NFT assets. In here, users can own monsters, fight enemies, join farming, challenge other team, etc.

  • MonsterIsland statistics
  • Token name: MonsterIsland
  • Token symbol: MON
  • Network: Binance Smart Chain
  • Max supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Contract: 0xAFcD21e5F800F3aB1Ed452EA730Ff35d8b04e9B8
  • Website:
  • Whitepaper:
  • Community:

How does it work?

MonsterIsland Dapp is built on Binance Smart Chain and uses BNB Coin in essential transactions such as buying PoEggs, Fighting, and in Marketplace trading. MonsterIsland focuses on gameplay to bring the best NFT game experience for users. BSC has one of the cheapest gas fees and the fastest speed, which makes both the game and marketplace trades more accessible and player-friendly.

Game Story

Hidden deep in the large ocean, MonsterIsland is where many cool PoMonsters live and grow peacefully. The island is very beautiful and fertile and has a plenty of food source. However, the neighboring island FeMonster is a dead land. The FeMonsters there are very strong and greedy. They want to compete and conquer the fertile Island. The PoMonsters need to fight and protect their island.

Its story is built by a monster pool consisting of 15 kinds of PoMonsters with distinct personalities and power abilities. Understanding their PoMOnsters is the best tool to help players win a battle in the game


Marketplace is where PoMonsters, PoEggs, weapons and items can be stored, displayed and purchased directly. All purchases and maintenance are paid in $MON. Players can list and sell their items here to get more profits.

How to earn $MON – the native token of MonsterIsland?

  • Fight FeMonsters

Defeat the FeMonsters everyday to gain EXP and token bonus.

  • Fight the Boss

Join forces and fight the boss with other PoMonsters. Win the FeMOnster Boss, all the force will be given $MON bonus.

  • Challenge other teams

Bet an amount of $MON when their team challenge another. If players win, players will get all the betted money

  • NFT Farming

Players can use their NFT to join Farming and earn $MON

  • $MON Staking & Farming

Use their $MON to stake and farm more $MON

  • Buy and Sell at Marketplace

Players can list their PoEggs or PoMonsters at the marketplace and sell them to earn money

Token sale

A big investment opportunity for a big gain. This is the opportunity for everyone to buy and hold a valuable tokens which can increase in value in the future!

  • SEED ROUND (For 1,000 members only – Need to register whitelist)

Time: 12 Oct 2021 – 19 Oct 2021

Total amount: 20,000,000 MON

Price: $0.025


Time: 20 Oct 2021 – 19 Nov 2021

Total amount: 30,000,000 MON

Price: $0.05


Time: 20 Nov 2021 – 19 Dec 2021

Total amount: 50,000,000 MON

Price: $0.075


Time: 20 Dec 2021 – 19 Jan 2022

Total amount: 50,000,000 MON

Price: $0.1


Airdrop Program is something players will be excited with 10,000,000 MON ($1,000,000) via Airdrop bot:


MonsterIsland is a Defi protocol on Binance Smart Chain that includes games, an NFT marketplace, staking, and yield farming. MonsterIsland is a new land to play games on the Blockchain that rewards players with a lot of profits and benefits! Let’s discover this great ecosystem.

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Token contract: 0xAFcD21e5F800F3aB1Ed452EA730Ff35d8b04e9B8

Media Contact


Contact: Kyle Williamson, Marketing Assistant Manager

Email: [email protected]



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