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LONDON, Oct. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, Inery Blockchain (supported by ‘FINTECH VENTURE AG & LTD’) has released its decentralized storage and database solution. A new blockchain is being launched known as INERY — a Switzerland-based project that is built to help secure data with the power of Blockchain technology. Inery is being supported by Fintech Ventures, and it is crucial to note that they have recognized great potential in the Inery Blockchain and they’re supporting its unique idea on which this project is built for decentralization. More so, with long experience in finance, technology, especially DeFi, Fintech Venture sees a good long-term cooperation with the Inery Blockchain project. . The Inery team is a relatively small group of professional enthusiasts, brought together with one common goal – to make a mark in the technology world landscape by creating a decentralized storage space accessible to everyone. Inery blockchain is a decentralized data storage network that gives users and businesses peace of mind to keep their data safe.

About Fintech Venture

Fintech Venture is a venture capital company from the UK that supports projects with know-how in the financial sector. In fact, they aim at supporting startup and blockchain projects — they actively work on them, add value to them and even encourage their growth.

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