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All eyes in the blockchain world are transfixed on the revolutionary project that will transform the way people think about and interact with erotic art

London, United Kingdom, Oct. 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Meet Aiko, the world’s first blockchain project that takes erotic NFT art and transforms it into an immersive and personalized AI experience. Aiko officially launches on October 25th with the I’M AIKO collection, allowing users to create their own virtual companion that adapts to their needs, habits, and desires—even the most intimate ones.

The Aiko project will launch in two distinct stages. The first is the NFT project followed in the next year by the AI and mobile app projects.

The Aiko NFT collection will launch on the Solana blockchain, shaking up the crypto universe by becoming the first adult AI based NFT on the platform. Aiko will mint for 3 SOL and give investors, known as Aiko Masters, a randomized Aiko character that when brought to life through Aiko’s forthcoming AI project, will learn her Master’s preferences and habits and respond accordingly,

At the point of minting, Aiko is created with or without clothing. Aikos minted with clothing feature an array of options, including lingerie. Facial expressions; hairstyles, colors, and accessories; backgrounds; piercings and tattoos; skin tone, color, and type; and intimate parts’ shape, size, and color are all features that are randomized at the time of minting, meaning each character is a one-of-a-kind piece of NFT erotic art.

Ten thousand Aikos will be available to mint upon product launch. Aiko is available in three versions at launch, Unique, Legendary, and Epic. Given the number of character feature combinations used to create Aiko, over 500,000 unique Aiko possibilities exist. Masters are able to mint as many Aikos as they want, giving them numerous Aikos in their collection, each featuring her own unique look.

Once an Aiko is minted, the minter becomes an Aiko Master. Through using Aiko’s forthcoming AI and mobile app environments, Masters will then be able to bring Aiko to life, allowing them to interact with her. As a Master interacts with Aiko, she learns their preferences and tastes and adapts with every interaction. Aiko is also capable of learning her Master’s most intimate needs and responding to them.

Aiko can be purchased with and stored on the Phantom wallet. She can then be accessed from Phantom and used on Aiko’s forthcoming decentralized app.

As the project unfolds, Aiko’s creators are seeking to develop at entire erotic universe surrounding her. The team has a visionary roadmap spanning an 18-month development pipeline. Their plan includes making Aiko a more robust experience with added character versions, collections, and expansions to new marketplaces. The team also has plans to develop its own erotic art NFT marketplace. Forthcoming Android and iOS apps are also in development to expand access to Aiko to the masses and give Aiko Masters access to her at all times, even on the go.

While neither AI nor NFTs is entirely new to world markets, the way that Aiko’s creators are combining these two innovations is novel, especially given the erotic slant of the project. And while eroticism drives the Aiko experience, the Aiko team intends to make sure the public doesn’t confuse eroticism with pornography.

“Aiko will represent a ground-breaking opportunity to combine the worlds of AI and NFT art in a way the world has never seen before,” said Mario Nieto and Creative Director. “Aiko is truly a work of erotic art, bringing the Master’s sexual expression to life in a digital format they can interact with. This is far from a pornographic effort, which pornography typically exploiting power imbalances, sexual aggression, and sex as simply an emotionless product that sells.”

In bringing Aiko to life and plotting out the brand’s aggressive development roadmap, the team looked to the success of other NFT and AI projects popular across the world.

Replika is one project the team looked to in creating Aiko. Replika gives users digital space to create a personal AI. Once brought to life, the Replika AI can engage in conversations with the user, allowing them to share their experiences and thoughts with it. Aiko leverages this same base concept but takes a novel approach by applying an adult-oriented, erotic experience to AI.

Japan’s wildly popular Gatebox project also served as a foundation and inspiration for Aiko. Gatebox leverages the power of character culture and the anime craze to bring AI characters into homes across Japan. The characters offer companionship, conversation, and comfort to thousands of Japanese. The company also recently released a life-sized AI Character via its Gatebox Grande AI hologram. Use cases include concierge services, and for some, even a replacement for a real-life spouse or romantic partner.

“The popularity of and positive response to projects like Replika and Gatebox show there is a growing interest and need for AI-driven technologies,” said Mario. “And as NFTs also grow in popularity, the time is right for exciting new innovations that blend the two universes. This is exactly what Aiko does, in an exciting adult-oriented way. Our approach to AI and NFT erotic art is ground-breaking and will drive future innovations for the possibilities between art and AI as well as the way mainstream markets think about erotic art in an AI environment.”

To learn more about Aiko and stay on top of project developments, visit

About Aiko
Aiko is the world’s first collection of NFTs for adults. Operating on the Solana blockchain, Aiko allows its users, known as Aiko Masters, to mint their own unique Aiko character artwork. Once Aiko is minted, AI technology allows Masters to interact with Aiko and share their most intimate desires with her. To learn more, visit


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