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Join Deez Nuts pre-minting stage for early access to a unique Nut NFT and the chance to win big prize giveaways, including Solana and a Tesla Model 3.

Stockholm, Sweden, Sept. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Deez Nuts, a collection of 10,000 unique nuts inspired by the hilarious internet slang phenomenon, is set to start the pre-sale for its non-fungible token (NFT) on October 5.

To stay tuned for the upcoming launch and get your Nut NFT, please check out the Twitter page.

According to Deez Nuts’ official website, only 30% of the 10,000 Nut NFTs will be accessible during the pre-minting, otherwise known as the “Nut Skyfall” stage.

Users can get their unique “nutty” character at the price of 1.420 Solana (SOL). In addition, they will have exclusive commercial rights over the Nut NFTs they own. The NFT can be traded with other individuals over at, the prominent NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain.

Members will receive their own unique “third nut” randomly generated from a combination of more than 150 hand-drawn traits, including eyes, mouth, body, shirt, pant, etc. These different traits are split over three rarity levels consisting of common, rare, and super rare. Additionally, there are also a handful of nut features like RGB and Gold, which are ultra-rare.

Speaking on the project, a spokesperson from Deez Nuts said, “Ultimately, our top priorities are to build a long-lasting community and raise awareness for testicular cancer among men. A part of our proceeds will be donated to a community chosen Testicular Cancer Research charity, and we also have a community grant rewarding members who help contribute to growing our nutty community,”

Many rewards are planned for this pre-minting stage. When the ” Nut Skyfall ” milestone is reached, the team offers NFTs and SOLs as giveaway prizes for community members when the “Nut Skyfall” milestone is reached. So far, the project’s biggest launch giveaway will be a Tesla Model 3 to the top inviter on the leaderboard when the project hits 50% or more sales.

Deez Nuts is ready for launch and aims to add multiple features to its project by Q2 2022. There will be an exclusive game available for all owners to import their Nut NFTs. The full launch and development roadmap can be seen on the official website.

To learn more about the community-based project or connect with the team, you can join the Discord page, with almost 10,000 members.

About Deez Nuts NFT

Deez Nuts NFT is a community-based project that features a collection of 10,000 unique nuts carefully selected from the hundreds of thousands of nuts hanging on the Solana blockchain. Each nut is an extraordinary generation of different colored hand-drawn Nut bodies combined with hundreds of other hand-made traits. Some of the various hand-made traits are Eyes, Mouth, Shirt, Pant, Body, etc. To learn more, please visit


CONTACT: Name: Akshat Jain
Email: [email protected]
Organization: Deez Nuts NFT

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