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When the Apple iPhone 12 in Singapore was released, iPhone consumers were not disappointed. iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini meet all the expectations buyers have grown to have of the Apple brand, boasting a stunning design, great specs, and impeccable features. It also doesn’t hurt that the phone is 5G compatible and comes with impressive dual-camera systems. Below, we tell you whether this purchase is worth it – in case you are on the fence.


iPhone 12 has a classic premium design complete with aerospace-grade aluminium edges that come in white, red, black, green, and blue finishes. Apple also introduced Mag Safe to this lineup, which allows you to magnetically attach accessories to your iPhone easily, including:

  • iPhone cases
  • iPhone wallets
  • A wireless MagSafe charger

If you have butterfingers, you will also appreciate the nano-ceramic crystal-infused Ceramic Shield that gives the phone a drop performance up to 4 times better than its predecessor.

Ceramic Shield Display

As mentioned earlier, the iPhone 12 comes complete with a Ceramic Shield Display that reviewers have called the phone’s biggest improvement. This material, which the company calls Ceramic Shield glass, is produced by Corning and is harder than most natural and synthetic metals. It covers the entire display of the phone, giving you a higher drop performance than ever seen before.

Therefore, if you regularly drop your phone, work in a high-movement environment, or like to party, you have a great reason to buy the iPhone 12. You can avoid cracked screens and lost function.

Camera Features

If you love to snap away for fun or professionally, then you will love iPhone 12. It comes with 4k video capture features and a TrueDepth 12 megapixels front-facing camera. The Wide and Ultra-Wide cameras are now fitted with night mode, allowing you to take great pictures in low lighting. Additionally, the dual cameras support 2x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom. As the cherry on top, the camera comes complete with 27 percent more light capabilities, allowing for amazing clarity.

5G Compatibility

While 5G wireless isn’t currently available everywhere, it is set to take over the world of connectivity. This is a huge plus for iPhone 12 owners because the phone is the first and to date only iPhone that is compatible with 5G. It gives you access to 5G cellular networks, allowing faster downloads. In fact, it allows you to stream high-quality movies, music, and videos from wherever you are.

Stellar Performance

iPhone 12 is built with the A14 Bionic chip, making its performance among the fastest and most efficient in the market today. It is the first smartphone to be produced through a 5-nanometer manufacturing process, which makes for unmatched battery life. Additionally, the chip – being the fastest in production – will make the impossible seem possible.


Buying an Apple iPhone 12 in Singapore is an excellent decision if you are looking for superior performance, professional camera capabilities, and impeccable displays from a phone. The iPhone 12 lineup is not all hype and does live up to the high standards Apple users have come to love and expect. Additionally, because of its wide range of features – including a dual-camera system, 5G connectivity, and OLED screen displays – you may not even need to upgrade to the upcoming iPhone 13.