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Sports jackets are becoming an important accessory in a man’s wardrobe. They have moved from the age where they could only be worn for sporty activity or by certain age groups to being flexible. What makes them different is the: contrast buttons, rope shoulder, nipped waist, and contrast buttons. They are also being designed in such a way that they exude the elegance of being cropped or more fitting. The choice of a sports jacket lies in the wearer’s style, choice, reference, and physique.

The Best Men’s Sports Jackets

We analyze the best sports jackets. They include:


The Boglioli gives that Mediterranean touch on a sports jacket. They originate from mainly Italy and have been around for four generations and counting, which makes the label trustworthy and of high quality. The fabrics used are usually lightweight, unstructured silhouettes with a perfect cut. This makes them warm and with a relaxed touch.


If you are looking for a sports jacket that is worth every penny in your pocket, then the Suitsupply got your back. Their cuts are up to date, making them not just casual wear but also stylish. They are made from quality fabrics. Suitsupply has a variety of men’s sports jackets from colors, designs, fits patterns.

Faherty Knit Blazer

This sports jacket has a beach appeal to it. The good thing about it is that you won’t feel any weight in it, but the warmth of a sweater is guaranteed.

Wills Knit Blazer

It has an unstructured fit, patch pockets, and cotton fabric. It can be worn with a T-shirt and paired with denim for a perfect casual look. It also has cuff buttons. You can choose to roll the sleeves up to create space for your watch.

Brooks Brothers Regent Fit-Double- Breasted Check Sport Coat

Double-breasted coats are taking shape in the world of fashion. Not everyone knows how to wear it, but if you can nail this masterpiece, it will leave you looking sharp. This particular coat is made of wool and linen. For variety, you can pick=k either the tortoiseshell buttons, the check pattern with peak lapels.

Frank & Oak The Weekend Sports Jacket

It comes with overlapping cuff buttons with patch pockets in a breathable form. The fabric consists of a blend of cotton and linen, which makes it warm and comfortable. The green color makes it stand out even more as it’s a deviation from the mundane black and grey varieties.

Lululemon New Venture Blazer

Now, this is the perfect definition of a sports jacket. The fabric used is polyester which is waterproof and can be worn on a casual day or even on travel when going for a hike, random walk, or meeting up with your friends.

Suits have been the go-to man’s wear for the office, dates, and important events. But things are taking a different turn now as they embrace the sports jackets. Reason being that they are trendy, comfortable, and can be worn for any occasion. This article highlights some of the best men’s sports jackets in the market, from the brand to the design.