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Central Park Puppies, an online puppy ordering platform headquartered in Yonkers, New York, expanded its free home delivery service to meet the growing demand for puppies since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The company, which specializes in quality-sourced breeds, expanded the number of states to a total of 30 where their team of experienced puppy caretakers will safely deliver newly purchased pups door-to-door from Central Park Puppies’ premier breeders to their forever homes located in eastern states from Maine to Florida.

With a mission statement of “bringing puppies and families together to foster happy memories,” Central Park Puppies responsibly delivers joy to their customers through the natural love and companionship puppies bring into their homes. Central Park Puppies has been in business long enough to know that, when done responsibly, a puppy will inevitably bring joy to people’s lives. However, humans often forget that it’s not the puppy’s responsibility to make this new relationship work.

The company’s CEO, Julian Perera, believes that the process of successfully onboarding a new furry family member always starts and ends with the quality of human engagement. “Getting a puppy involves understanding how to provide proper canine care, and traditional pet stores often bypass this orientation. Central Park Puppies customers know that the extra support and safeguards we implement provide an overall experience that is far more rewarding and results in a deeper connection between humans and puppies,” he stated.

When done responsibly, getting and caring for a puppy may bring several other positive effects in addition to the pure and natural joy people experience. Studies show that puppies can help lower stress and blood pressure, improve sociability across all ages, increase resistance to allergies, encourage exercise, improve the immune system and best of all, provide a surplus of unconditional love. “We decided to expand to more states in the East Coast to allow families an opportunity to onboard a cute, new furry family member if they feel they are ready to do so,” Mr. Perera added.