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Online casinos are also known as virtual casinos and they are the internet version of the brick and mortar casinos. It has the same function and rules except that it was done on the internet using the player’s gadgets or computer.

More and more gamblers prefer to wager in online casinos instead of going to the traditional casino because of its convenience and comfort. Many yuppies and young people now realize the beauty of playing online casinos because they are not just enjoying the game, it enhances their cognitive thinking. The best part here is, they get prize money if the game is played well., a top-notched casino site of Finland offers the latest online casino game with bigger rewards and bonuses.

What is a casino bonus?

Casinos in general offer bonuses including land-based casinos though the latter’s offer is limited compared to online casinos. Bonuses are incentives and rewards given to the player for signing up at the site, loyalty, referral, or by depositing a bigger amount of money to the site. It is the online site’s way of thinking as well as motivating the players to continue patronizing their online casino site. It is a form of the marketing strategy of the online site to their clients with the assurance that they will offer their best and the latest.


There are many forms of bonuses the online casino sites offer:

1. Welcome Bonus

The majority of online casinos offer this type of bonus to newly registered players. It will be given through packages or tied up to specific games such as free spins. It can also be called a Match Bonus because some casinos offer a certain percentage of your deposit.

2. Loyalty Bonus

This is a type of bonus given to the players who signed up again on the casino site or players who have reached a certain level. The incentive that the players get from the casino varies from which casino site they are in.

3. Referral Bonus

Satisfied clients normally refer an online casino site to their friends and associates therefore, as a sign of gratitude, the casino site gives them a referral bonus as a sign of gratitude for trusting them.

4. No-deposit Bonus

This is the most popular bonus and the simplest because the client will receive this bonus automatically after registering to the site. No need to make a deposit yet. It is a freebie to the client for them to realize what the casino site can offer without using real money.

5. Non-Cashable Bonus

It is also called a sticky bonus because the casino site offers you to play for free but you cannot withdraw your bonus. When a player registers and makes a deposit, they automatically receive free money to play with. If the player wins, there is a requirement for that to follow. The player can only withdraw a certain amount that is above the initial bonus amount.

6. Cashback or Insurance Bonus

This type of bonus is offered as a percentage to players who have succeeding losses in the casino site. It usually comes as a percentage of what the player has wagered. It might be offered as a free credit, free spins, or tokens.

Types of gambling games offered at an online casino:

  • Craps
  • Poker
  • Bingo
  • Slot machines
  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Sic Bo
  • Keno

Final insights:

Online gambling is not just sheer entertainment but is also a sweet escape for most players as well. It may be true that a lot of players gained a lot of money from gambling but one has also been aware of its limits.