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Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Aug. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — After EverRise’s recent announcement, welcoming David Gokhshtein on Twitter , the team is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Luna PR, an award-winning PR and marketing agency in emerging tech.With these collaborations, EverRise has found prolific partners to enhance its marketing efforts and ensure it has a growing loyal community. EverRise is a radical platform and it wants to reach out to the entire industry, so that users can benefit and learn more about EverRise. For the same purpose, partnering with a commonplace marketing agency would keep the scope of expansion limited. 

EverRise is a hyper-deflationary digital asset that pays investors for holding their tokens. It also incorporates the buyback mechanism, which is commonly used in stock markets. It is the first coin in the industry to have an automatic Buyback option. It is necessary for the uninitiated to grasp the notion of Buyback in order to apply it here.

The Buyback feature will also keep the prices in check making it an attractive concept to choose from. EverRise is already becoming popular and appreciated but it still needs to include more users making the adoption of digital assets  faster. This was why EverRise was looking for a partner that also upheld its values and mission beyond the realms of marketing. 

“We are really excited to onboard the LUNA PR team. We strongly believe that this partnership will be significant for our upcoming launches”, stated the EverRise Team.

“The EverRise team has established a terrific brand and a highly distinctive product in an industry bubbling with creativity. We’re excited to help the industry market speed its growth and expand its reach as it prepares to become a truly mainstream financial service. We’re ecstatic to be a part of their success,” says Nikita Sachdev, founder and CEO of LUNA PR.

Luna PR is a global digital marketing agency that helps businesses increase brand awareness and genuine interaction by empowering, assisting, and partnering with them. With works charted out for more than 200 clients making it one of the most pursued digital marketing agencies in the space.  Luna PR is a full-stack, digital marketing agency with its work expanding across 5 continents. 

This partnership will be the first step to grow the community, reaching out to more people with effective content and making it easier for people to understand the mechanics. The goal is to develop new and beneficial partnerships (blockchain, gaming, education, celebrities, and more), building new content strategies, modifying and upgrading their SEO, working on public relations, working with social media influencers and a lot more.

About EverRise 

A proprietary, hyper-deflationary token which rewards token holders with static rewards and automatic burns every trade from the liquidity pool. On top of that, EverRise offers an automatic buyback option for token holders. When the buy-back feature is enabled, the contract will buy back and burn tokens after each purchase. The use of $RISE tokens will be applied to their upcoming dApps, EverOwn being the most anticipated. EverRise aims to bring additional levels of trust, safety and security to the Binance Smart Chain space. 

About Luna PR

Luna PR is an award-winning Dubai-based public relations, marketing, and business development consultancy agency, offering services to digital asset initiatives and cutting-edge technologies in emerging markets. With a customized model focused on creating better business relationships between tech companies and brands, Luna PR has become the go-to agency for leading digital asset brands.

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