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Watching sports events and championships is one of the most coveted experiences for all sports fans all over the world. While watching the matches right in front of you live, inside stadium premises is an opportunity no sports fans will miss, that is not a possibility all the time, especially in times of the pandemic with all the social distancing rules and regulations in effect. Keeping in mind the fanatical need for you to watch these games and support all your favorites, be it the players or the teams, this is a short guide on which streaming service is the best for sports in 2021. So grab your popcorn, your jersey, your remote and watch your best sports events live, straight from the comfort of your home.

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The 5 best live streaming services for sports available in 2021 are:

  • FuboTV: FuboTV has the greatest sports coverage available with 50+ sports channels to stream and 19 more added if you give just $11 extra. It has all your favorite sports events clubbed in one- with MLB, MMA, soccer, college football and more in dreamy packages for your benefit;
  • YouTube TV: The cheapest streaming service available, YouTube TV gives you dollar to dollar channels with the main sports channels readily available along with the best TVR features. Also, the lineups and other data for sports events can be found in the information button section of the sports event, during live TV. An NBA League Pass is also a possibility with a $40 only fee range per month which allows you a free pass to watch any NBA game of the entire season;
  • Hulu + Live TV: This is a gigantic deal with not only almost all the sports coverage that a sport enthusiast would want to live stream, but also ESPN + and Disney + on the same platform. With 50 hours of DVR storage, this bundle offer is also fairly cheap with only $6 as an add on from if you were to just get Hulu alone;
  • Sling TV: With a reasonable price and a range of sports channels to choose from, Sling TV is fairly good when it comes to you all who are on a budget. There are 4 plans to choose from, with Orange being the one with the least price, but not a bad selection of sports content. With add-ons for those addicted to ESPN and to international sports, Sling TV is great for a lower priced initiative. For $35 extra, you get the ESPN channels et al at Sling Orange and Sling Blue respectively. For $50 extra, you get all the channels on offer at Sling Orange + Blue.
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