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Are you thinking about building a mobile app? For anyone who isn’t technologically minded, an app might seem simple at first glance but they can actually be very complicated to design. Even the most straightforward app will require a lot of coding and it might not even impress the user at the end.

The truth is that a good mobile app needs to be effective and flexible. If it doesn’t hit the mark, it will be a massive waste of resources. Below, we thought we would look at some of the key features that we think make a good mobile app in 2021. Read on to find out what these are.


For an app to really deliver, it needs to be quick. In the same way that you will want your website to load fully onto the screen in just a matter of seconds, you need to ensure that the speed of your app is up to scratch. Many people choose to download apps because they believe that they are faster than accessing a mobile site so you need to deliver on this. Spend a lot of time testing and upgrading to really improve the speed and create a good app.


Is your mobile app flexible and compatible with different kinds of devices? If you take a look at this app from Unibet IN, you will see that it can be downloaded onto a variety of devices such as Android and Apple tablets or smartphones. If this isn’t the case with an app, a larger portion of the potential customer base can be left out. Check the compatibility of your app and consider platforms that you might not have even heard of before.



Another key feature of a good mobile app is simplicity. The app needs to be straight to the point, otherwise, users might return to the website or a competitor’s app that is easier to use. Typically, mobile apps are easy to navigate and are very similar to slimmed down mobile sites. You can’t have the same functionality as your main desktop website without slowing down the app and making it hard for users to find what they need. Think about the simplicity and you’ll thank yourself later.



Finally, a mobile app must be secure in order to be considered ‘good’ in 2021. Customers feel very strongly about their security and are often prioritising it over their desire to have a certain app or product. They need to know that their data isn’t going to be sent on to additional parties and that they can pay securely. Look into some secure payment gateways and encrypt the app to ensure it is suitable.

Mobile apps are extremely popular these days and they can be very convenient for users who access the same sites over and over again. If you are thinking about building a mobile app for a business, make sure that all of these bases are covered.