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The Canadian iGaming market represents huge business in 2021, with gross sales amounting to approximately $31 billion each year.


It also generates up to $14 billion per annum in the procurement of related services, creating a lucrative industry for a growing number of interested stakeholders.

This haul is regularly achieved despite the lack of clear iGaming laws and regulations in Canada, as while punters are prevented from wagering with domestic operators they retain access to international brands with a presence in the region.

Fortunately, sites such as Casimoose help native punters to plot their way through this marketplace, by providing a comprehensive overview of the Canadian online casino sector. But how does it achieve this, and what are the key benefits of using this type of comparison site?


What Role Does the Casimoose Site Play?

In simple terms, Casimoose is an independent comparison site for online casinos in Canada, providing comprehensive reviews of the best platforms and the key selling points that they have from the consumer perspective.

The business model that underpins the site has established Casimoose as an affiliation website, which promotes demonstrably fair and safe casino platforms that are trustworthy and accessible to Canadian players.

Of course, the site does receive a small percentage fee in compensation when it connects an interested player to a casino that has been advertised on Casimoose, but this doesn’t distract from the focus of the platform or its mission to connect players with secure and licensed operators.

This site is certainly renowned for the level of detail that it includes within its reviews, with Casimoose staffed by real, hard-working people who take a great deal of time when undertaking research and statistics pertaining to listed sites.

This type of transparency is key in the capacity of the Casimoose platform to serve as a trusted middleman, particularly as it’s evident across a range of metrics and datasets.

Some of the key factors used to review and rank participating casinos include their respective games’ libraries, the type of welcome bonus available and the associated wagering requirements.

Similarly, Casimoose reviews the desktop and mobile casino experience delivered by each casino, along with the available payment platforms and the quality (and accessibility) of customer service on offer.

Ultimately, it is this depth and breadth of information that sets Casimoose apart from its rival operators, along with the way in which such data is presented.

For example, Casimoose provides comparisons of casinos in different jurisdictions, so you can access dedicated regional gaming pages that cover topics such as game weighting and the prevailing laws in different areas.

On the Canadian page, for example, you can review the offline and online gambling establishments in different communities, from Alberta and British Columbia to Nova Scotia and Ontario.

This not only provides crucial access to relevant and targeted information, but it also helps you to understand the basic rules and legislation wherever you are in Canada.


What are the Main Benefits of Using This Type of Site?

The iGaming market in Canada is dominated by international brands, rather than independent and high-growth start-ups.


However, the question that remains is what are the main benefits of using comparison sites such as Casimoose? Here are some advantages to keep in mind:

Make an Informed Decision: Let’s start with the basics; as the detailed datasets compiled by Casimoose enable you to make an informed decision when comparing the market. The reason for this is simple; as you can compare a number of shortlisted operators directly across a broad range of criteria, drawing instant conclusions that are balanced, knowledgeable and completely devoid of emotion.

Choose Casinos Based on Your Priorities: There are many different types of gambler in Canada, from risk-averse and casual players to high-rollers in the pursuit of large-scale winnings. By using a resource like Casimoose, you can compare operators according to the metrics that are most relevant to you, whether you prioritise the welcome bonus on offer or the quality of customer service available.

Check Out User Ratings: If you’re looking for an additional layer of trust and authenticity, you should note that Casimoose also features individual user reviews and ratings (out of five stars). This is an important feature on the site, as you can draw from users’ first-hand experiences and highlight potential pitfalls (or benefits) that may be relevant to you. This can make a genuine difference when making your final decision!

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