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San Diego, California, July 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Over the past 20 years, Nirvanix, a leading cloud-based phone system service provider, has been supplying and creating innovative phone solutions for businesses all over the globe.

Even in that short space of time, developments in technology have resulted in a major shift towards a digital way of living and working. Now, internet-based phone systems are more in demand than ever, and businesses are expecting VoIP and PBX solutions to be able to integrate within their current phone setup, to be scalable, multi-functional, accessible across a range of devices and provide quality video, voice and text systems that never fail.

Nirvanix has been a leader throughout the everchanging and fast-paced developments in telecommunications. Investing in new ways of working, new technologies, and inventive processes, they continue to shape the destiny of the telecommunications industry with new ventures and developments, such as their blockchain telephony technology that utilizes cryptocurrency.

Below, we outline the innovative and scalable VoIP and Hosted PBX business phone systems for small businesses that Nirvanix are providing in an internet-centric world:

1. VoIP Phone Systems

Perhaps the most modern phone system on the market, VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol, using the internet to handle telephone services rather than traditional wired phone lines.

Many small businesses choose to make the switch to VoIP as they can use their existing internet connection to make audio and video calls and receive traditional basic telephone calls. It opens a world of opportunity as a range of devices can make and receive calls, including desktops, laptops, tablets, mobiles and even VoIP hard phones, that mimic the look and feel of a traditional landline.

While there are many VoIP service providers, none are as business-centric, and customer focused as Nirvanix. They understand that small businesses need help and significant support in implementing VoIP phone systems, especially when it comes to understanding if the VoIP manufacturer and model is compatible with their current communications system, and their team are dedicated to making your switch to internet-based phone systems hassle-free and easy.

Many businesses choose VoIP because of these key features:

  1. The installation and setup process is easy (you can do it yourself)
  2. It makes it far easier to scale your phone systems up or down
  3. Virtual phone numbers can be accessed on multiple devices, meaning your not tied down to a landline, and numbers travel with you
  4. Integrating with other software applications is simple
  5. Setting up via your current internet connection is seamless

2. Hosted PBX Solutions

To understand how hosted PBX solutions work, it’s easier to explain how non-hosted work. Traditionally, an on-site PBX system would handle all call traffic, internal and external, and would rely on large and expensive on-site hardware. Hosted PBX solutions are stored in the cloud, removing any need for on-site hardware, software, training, and costly installation, making your phone processes accessible and usable by all, whether on site or remote.

The key benefit to a hosted PBX solution is that it’s cloud-based. It will function and perform exactly how a traditional system would work, in that it can provide hold music, make transfers, add call waiting, extension dialing, and even go so far as to assign automated attendants.

With rapid development capabilities, customized scalability and total reliability, there has never been a better time to switch to a hosted PBX solution with Nirvanix.

What does the future have in store for scalable business phone solutions? Nirvanix have the answer, with the first and only cryptocurrency-based business phone system

Nirvanix have created the first and only-cryptocurrency-based business phone system for businesses. A monumental achievement and a first of its kind, the development was funded via a partnership with a large cryptocurrency fund, resulting in $12 million venture capital.

The team at Nirvanix, who have over 20+ years of experience in cloud infrastructure, have utilized the skills of expert blockchain entrepreneurs, and together, created a unique business phone system on Cosmos using Web3 APIs that looks to revolutionize telecommunications.

Over 40 clients worldwide are currently piloting the system, and the initial feedback is very positive. Keep an eye out for more updates and watch as this system develops, by following Nirvanix and regularly checking in on their website. You won’t want to miss out.

More Information:

Nirvanix are not just another VoIP company. Instead, they are a forward focused innovative company that prides itself on hiring the industries most talented individuals. Their mission is to be an industry leader in VoIP phone systems, business phone systems, hosted PBX solutions and cloud storage services, with the very best customer service. Learn more via the website:

CONTACT: Nirvanix
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