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We’re in the midst of a blizzard of 2022 Honda Civic news, and it looks like the flurries will keep on coming until the verdict is rendered on the new Civic Type R—which we’ve really only been able to speculate about so far. But that’s for another time. For today’s slice of the Civic pie we finally have a bit more news on the sporty Si: The sedan body style is making a comeback for the new 11th gen Civic’s Si variant.

Specific details around the Si—like what the powertrain will be, how much power it will make, and if there will be any new trick tech—are still pretty spartan. The last Civic Si relied on a buttery-smooth 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder which we had only one major complaint about: rev hang during shifts. Hopefully Honda will resolve that with the new car. One thing we don’t mind carrying over, of course, is the six-speed manual that will once again serve as the Si’s only transmission choice.

Like the 10th-gen Civic’s Si model, the new Si will definitely come as a sedan, Honda confirms. As for the recently-unveiled hatch, we still don’t know if it will sprout an Si variant. (Previously, the Civic Si sedan was joined by the Si coupe, but the two-door Civic is no more—meaning so is any Si iteration.) Honda Canada recently announced on Twitter that “there will only be a Sedan (sic) version of the Si.” However, when asked if those plans are potentially for the U.S. market, too, the company said “we cannot comment on the U.S. division’s plans for future product releases.”

So, after all that, we still don’t know. Honda likely wants to keep the rest of the Civic Si and Type R goods under wraps until the full unveil should happen sometime in the coming months. An educated guess says you can expect the Si to finally break cover around mid to late August, if the recent leak that the Si will show up in dealerships by October is to be believed. One thing is for sure, though—if the new Civic Si improves on its predecessor the way the standard Civic has without moving up too much in price, it’s going to once again be one heck of a performance bargain

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